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    Warm White

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    Lemon Yellow

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    Golden Yellow

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    Light Red

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    Cotton Candy

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    Deep Blue

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    Electric Blue

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    Ice Blue

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    Tropical Blue

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    Deep Green

Golden Yellow is a bold, rich yellow. The tube is yellow when off.
Digital mockup, colors may appear different in real life.
    Height: 4"-10"
    Length: 19"-23"
    Height: 8"-15"
    Length: 23"-28"
    Height: 10"-20"
    Length: 28"-37"
    X large
    Height: 12"-24"
    Length: 37"-44"
    XX large
    Height: 10"-20"
    Length: 28"-37"
    Height: 12"-24"
    Length: 37"-44"

Total with selected options:

Digital mockup only; colors may appear differently in real life.


Custom Neon Sign

Availability: 999 in stock


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Buy custom neon sign from Liuyang Lamps online shop, create unique neon sign for decoration, girls, wedding, party, fun and more with cheap price.

*24 months warranty for any quality problem, so just send a photo or video of the sign, we will help to solve or send you an accessory/new one.

*We would confirm the details of the sign with you before production.
Since this is customed product, we cannot re-sell it. So the order cannot be canceled.

Product Name: Custom Neon Sign
Type: Neon Lights
Light Source: LED
Size: Provided by customer
Acrylic board shape: Contour Shape Board/Rectangular Board/Heart Shape Board

-Finished Neon Sign x 1,
-Appropriate power adapter and plug with switch.
-Installation accessories like screws, chains, etc

1. Elements that can be customized: font, size, color, number of lines, number of words, remote control method, layout, format, style

2. Difference from traditional craftsmanship: Different from traditional craftsmanship, it effectively avoids a lot of heat generation, waterproofing and energy saving, and has a long service life.

3. Safety and environmental protection: Using high-quality LED lamp beads and high-quality wire lines to ensure safety, while reducing energy consumption, green and environmental protection.

4. Unique decorations and gifts: It will be the best choice for you to hold events, give gifts, etc. to set off the atmosphere, stunning the audience and beautiful.

5. Production time: The new process has high requirements on engineers and needs enough time to produce. The production time of this product is 5-7 days, and the mailing time is 7-10 days. To prepare in advance for your event, please order ahead of time.

These neon signs light up your sparkling love and add a fashionable and romantic atmosphere to your beautiful wedding!

Choose the neon signs you love, create your own secret base, create a relaxed or happy atmosphere, and spend every day happily.

Neon lights add dynamic luster to your party! When people are talking happily and dancing passionately, it will create a perfect atmosphere for your environment. Your guests will have a crazy and happy day!

Bright and artistic neon lights are suitable for all kinds of scenes, all kinds of cyberpunk and hip-hop, adding some fantasy, fashion and exciting feelings in fun nights and fun spaces!

Product Specification
Name Custom Neon Signs, Professional Customized LED Letter Name LOGO Pattern Light Signs
Customizable Text Letters, Name, Logo, Pattern, Emoji
Colors White, Red, Purple, Pink, Blue, Light Purple, Sky Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange.
Font Unlimited ( The selection field is limited to 20 types. If the font you want isn’t included here, drop us a line in Special Notes and we’ll discuss the font and style you want.)
Size 22 Sizes ( 10in to 45in, 1 line, 2-line or 3-Line)
Board Type Contour Shape, Heart Shape, Rectangular.
Mode 1. USB: Light up only. 2. Line dimmer: Adjust brightness & On/Off. 3. Remote dimmer: On/Off & Adjust brightness & Twinkle.
Material Epoxy resin+Acrylic+LEDs
What you get 1 * Personalized Neon Sign 1 * Set of Install Tools 1 * Adapter and Dimmer
Lifetime Over 20,000 Hours (2 Years)
LIUYANG Name Wedding Neon Sign

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