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Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Cool Mood Lights




Everyone around us experiences different kinds of emotions and feelings. Some may call them ”mood” to describe the shift in their emotional behavior, while others simply state it as uncertainty. There must be several reasons for this shift, but the interesting fact is that it may happen due to the illumination or lighting you are exposed to. Yes! There is an entire field of research dedicated to this intriguing phenomenon.

Color psychology – deals with the ability of various colors to manipulate the changes in your mood and distortion in your thoughts. Over time, psychologists, artists, and even interior designers believe that colors influence your attitudes and actions.

Cool Mood Lights

Incorporating this concept, scientists formulate a diverse tool in which lighting and colors combine to deliver a slightly different impact on your mood or perception. This fascinating phenomenon comes under the study of ”Mood Lighting”. Do you know what exactly Mood Lighting is and how it affects your mood?

Mood Lighting

To create a temporary state of feeling or atmosphere inside your space, mood lighting illumination is the best decision. The entire vibe of the scenario can be changed by adequately adjusting the lighting around your room. It is all about correctly using different colors to get the desired atmospheric feel.

This phenomenon gets pretty interesting when you start delving into the effects of different shades and intensities of color schemes. Such illuminations deceive your thoughts and emotions and direct them to your desired mood.

For example, you must have seen that some strategic offices have blue light decorum. Researchers have deduced that blue light leads to alertness and better performance.

Relationship Between Mood and Lighting

How can light affect your mood? To answer this intriguing question, you must know the relationship between mood and lighting. Lighting around your space greatly affects your mental health and enactment.

Cool Mood Lights

Our activities are also governed by the circadian rhythm of the body and the hypothalamus in our brain. Clearly, due to the inbuilt mechanism, lighting affects our vibes. It can stabilize our circadian rhythm leading to a better feel and performance. Let’s dive in to comprehend the in-depth relationship between mood and lighting.

Impact of Light Positioning

Optical illusions are so baffling that they can change the perception of what you see around yourself. Random and unadjusted light settings can only put stress on your eyes. Proper positioning of lighting in your room or space is key to the appropriate illumination of lighting.

The unbalanced and distorted positioning may give sinister looks to objects around you. But sometimes, placing the light source higher leads to a soft and soothing image of the subject’s appearance.

Light Can Heighten Emotions

Naturally, when you expose yourself to sunlight, your brain releases serotonin hormone. It is associated with boosting emotions. Darker lighting leads to the release of melatonin that helps you fall asleep.

Studies have shown that emotionality is related to lighting. Bright light is associated with positive feelings. Lighting levels alter our perception and make us feel warmer. Cooler temperature lights are associated with an enhancement in productivity. For instance, the purple color can give you feelings of royalty and pride.

Change in Appetite

Primarily the color of food is the main factor that makes it appealing. But how can lighting control appetite? Bright light increases hunger, and study has shown that if you light your room with blue light, you’ll start feeling hungry within 15 minutes. This is the reason you will see several restaurants following light themes. On the contrary, dim lights diminish the desire to eat, like black or grey.

Stimulates a Healthier Lifestyle

Lighting not only boosts or depresses your emotions but also leads to improvement in health. Significantly it improves the circadian and sleep-wake cycle that affects our heart rate and blood pressure.

Natural light exposure helps the body to produce beneficial vitamins like vitamin D. In fact, lighting, and a healthier lifestyle go hand in hand. Well-adjusted lighting and relevant colors can help develop lighter, happier, and more productive behavior. Since it helps in warding off seasonal depression, you may feel sometimes.

Fluctuations in Energy Levels

Brighter and blue colors are associated with higher energy and positive emotions. Higher energy levels lead to the completion of cognitive tasks within a short period.

A person with more screen time will be highly exposed to blue light. But excess interaction with such lighting may cause disturbance in sleep patterns. While working under dim and dull lights may lower your energy levels. People who work in dim and dry environments usually get tired quickly and face more fatigue than others.

More and Stronger Headache

More and long-term exposure to unadjusted lighting can lead to chronic headaches and migraines. Recently studies have shown that LED exposure is one of the significant causes of photophobia and migraines.

Where blue light elevates energy levels, it also worsens migraine pain.

Betterment in Mental Health

Both natural and artificial light can improve mental health—an increase in serotonin and a decrease in melatonin impact positive effects on your mood and efficiency. Red light in the evening can help you improve your sleep schedule, and a better sleep schedule enhances mental well-being.

Cool Mood Lights

Green lighting can assist in improving migraine pain. While the purple color helps to boost your productivity and calmness in emotions. Natural light assists in a better circadian cycle. It can also improve seasonal affective disorders and depression.

Influence of Shade On Perception

The perception through shading is a poorly understood phenomenon of human vision, yet it holds much significance—light influences how we perceive things around us. Shading sometimes refers to relative darkness as a result of blockage of lighting.

3- dimensional view of objects requires shading. An unadjusted shading sometimes totally changes the perceived outlook of a body. Even in horror serials, the shading effect is utilized to provide a realistic perception of beings. Typically, we view objects through a 2D plane that reflects across our retina but casting different shades helps to perceive the multi-dimensional objects through various techniques.

Lighting Temperature Effect

It should come as no surprise that lighting temperature also affects human beings. Opting for the right color temperature plays a crucial role in the better functionality of any room. Very warm lights between (2000-2700K) are considered ideal for creating a cozy and relaxing environment.

Different Types of Lights and Its Effects

To decorate your space with different colors according to your mood and comfort, you must know about different colors and their effects. Liuyang RGBIC Smart Floor Lamp and Liuyang Planetarium Projector are indeed the best cool mood lights helping you design your rooms! Here’s the list of primary colors incorporated by Liuyang in their tools that can alter your mood.

Blue Light

  • Blue lights are considered beneficial for daytime activities as they boost attention, productivity, and mood! Blue light has been found to relax the body 3 times quicker than ordinary white light.
  • It elevates energy but can penetrate straight to the back of our retina. It may cause macular degeneration and photochemical damage. Blue lighting emitting through our TV, computer, and other appliance’s screen can cause digital eye strain.
  • If you have designed your room walls with blue lighting, you should avoid them at bedtime. Exposure to blue light close to your bedtime can disrupt your circadian rhythm. Blue light can affect melatonin secretion, which promotes wakefulness, and continuously experiencing such situations can lead to depression and other mental health disorders.

Red Light

  • Red is considered one of the dynamic and intense colors. People associate it with love, aggression, and dangers. But red light makes you feel energetic and passionate. It can alter anyone’s mood to passionate vibes and a sense of affection. Red light can impart positive and intense feelings.
  • Exposure to red light leads to reduced inflammation of the eyes. According to Ophthalmology, 3-minute daily exposure to deep red light can help to improve vision. Natural red light at dawn and dusk soothes eyes.
  • Exposure to red light at the end of the day helps in melatonin secretion. It helps to avoid wakefulness and awards with better sleep at night. 30 minutes of exposure to red light for 14 days in females helped improve endurance and sleep cycle. But we should avoid keeping the lamps lit when we have fallen asleep.

Pink Light

  • Other than giving your home an exquisite look, the pink lighting can affect your whole mood. Pink is a soft color and depicts innocence. Pink lighting can help you in decreasing your aggression. It is highly associated with a feminine touch, but some shades of pink are associated with relaxation. Pink might help soften your mood at the end of a tiresome and aggressive day.
  • Unfortunately, pink light couldn’t get much scientific attention to study its effects on the eyes. But pink lights in your environment help to soothe down your vision. But brighter pink lighting affects the retina’s light-sensing cells and ultimately injures the back of the eyes. Long-term exposure to pink light can cause inflammation in the cornea and cause blurred vision.
  • Since pink light is resultant of the combination of red and purple light waves, it can help in falling asleep. If you are looking ahead to restful sleep, it is best to avoid pink lights. Pink light can play almost the same role as a red light for sleeping because it also causes the secretion of melatonin and has the same recommendations as red light.

Green Light

  • The green color is one of the significant mood-changing lighting. It depicts concentration and a healing mood. Sometimes when you are feeling under the weather, lighting your space with green color helps abruptly shift your mood. For the children who stay home sick and tired, green lighting creates a feeling of productivity and learning.
  • According to scientists, our eyes are the peak of perception to detect the wavelength corresponding to green light, it helps to calm our eyes down. However, the green color has a great tendency to affect your vision. Your eyes are 100 times more sensitive to this color, so a bit of overexposure may cause deleterious issues.
  • After dim red light, green is taken as an ideal color for bedrooms. If you crave a serene sleeping space, then versatile green color with different shades is the best choice. Greenlight promotes sleep. It can also disrupt the circadian rhythm of the body because this color readily suppresses melatonin. The pure green light has a 16-20% suppression rate.

Cool lighting around your space gives off an exquisite modern look. They tend to promote productive moods and enhance the ambiance of the surrounding.

10 Cool Lighting Ideas

Liuyang Neon Sign Custom

Liuyang Neon Sign Custom

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  • Neon Lights can lighten up your space precisely. You can opt for a customized sign or any nice shape outlined with neon lighting.
  • Turquoise Lighting can be the most calming and as soft as some soft blue hues. Choosing scrambled turquoise strips around your sitting can help you enjoy the reading and a gentle drift to sleep.
  • Aurora borealis projector, you can have a tremendous experience while watching your favorite colored waves dashing across the sky. Enjoy a soft ambiance within your room with the dazzling view.
  • Lighten Hanging clouds, these kinds of additions to your room can bring a quirky and sensational outlook. Such a type of customized cloud lighting is considered best for children’s bedrooms.
  • Discreet cove lights have been proved best for minimalistic designs. You can choose any soft color that can upgrade your Room’s overall outlook with discreet decorum.
  • Digital overhead lights, if you are tech-savvy and want your room to have similar looks to your ambitions, they are the best choice. These enthralling and sleek digital lighting around your bed steals the show.
  • LED Strip Lights, if your space looks dark and dull, you can give it a classic modern look by adjusting LED lighting around the corners! You can feel immersed in a rainbow with a single button. It provides a pop look to your surrounding, making it funkier.
  • Color-changing lights, these changeable color lights can help you transform your mood with a single push of a button. Setting such lighting around your residence can give you the advantage of numerous color choices for multiple occasions.
  • String Lights are a perfect choice if you search for a romantic and tranquil outlook for your room. Warm yellow colors aren’t just a treat to your eyes and give your bedrooms a comfortable and cozy outlook.
  • The Floating Lights under your bed make your bed look alike some floating object. This lighting trick will give your room a magical and creative look!

Boost Up Your Mood

Standard light fixtures are simply for daily routine purposes. But the mood lighting is a kickstart to boost up your mood!

Mood spotlights can be a source of adding little highlights to your space. You are aware that exposure to different lights can have a dramatic effect on your mood, that’s why you should choose the lighting colors and styles carefully. You can create a scene by combining your lighting installation with automated blinds.

Plus, with mood lighting, you don’t have to stick to a single style around the clock. You have far more choices and can simply adapt the room according to your desired mood and ideas.

About Liuyanglamps

About Liuyanglamps

LIUYANG focuse on the design, development, manufacture, sales and service of Custom LED Neon Signs and smart lighting products. We take it as our mission to create lighting products that color people’s lives, and share the joy that smart lighting brings to life.



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