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Your Ultimate Guide to Organize a Euphoria-Themed Party




With great food, some good friends, enough drama to keep you entertained, and many parties, the show Euphoria became the talk of the town. So, it did not come as a surprise when Euphoria-themed parties became a thing. The glam, glitter, and gossip, along with a whole lot of drama, is what we live for, and the euphoria parties are the pictorial representation of it.

Not only is this particular theme quite in trend these days, but it is also relatively easy to pull off. If you are someone who plans on throwing a Euphoria party but don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, because below we have gathered everything you should know about organizing the best euphoria party which will be the one to remember.

Your Ultimate Guide to Organize a Euphoria-Themed Party

So, please take out your notebook, read through our ideas, and brainstorm some of yours. The guide below will help you throw a Euphoria-themed party that will become the talk of the town. Head on below.

Where Can You Organize the Party?

Once you have decided on your theme, the next step is finding a venue. While there is no hard and fast rule for a Euphoria theme party to be indoors or outdoors, you should keep a few things in mind. From how many people to invite to what the location and size should be, it all takes immense thought when throwing a party.

Organizing a Euphoria theme party may seem like a tedious job, but we have jotted down a bunch of pointers that you should be keeping in mind when deciding on a location and your guest list.

Consider Number of Guests

When deciding on the venue, keep the number of guests you have to invite in mind. Then choose the platform according to the attendees who will be coming. Smaller spaces might become congested and are one of the biggest turn-offs for all the attendees. Hence, ensure the area you choose is big enough to hold all the people and allow them to move freely.

Pro -Tip for Deciding the Venue

Another pro-tip is to keep a certain number of extra people in mind when planning the party. This is because a party is meant to be crashed, and you will surely see a couple of unfamiliar faces. Hence, it’s always nice to be prepared rather than face the consequences and ruin something you worked hard for. However, ensure the hall is moderate-sized and not extravagant enough to start looking empty despite many people being present.

Outdoor or Indoor?

In case you are worried about the set-up, Euphoria-themed parties indoors can be thrown in your own house or a rented one. The outdoor party can be thrown in lavish gardens or any outdoor space that suits your best.

With the location and what you should keep in mind while deciding is understood, how about learning which decorations will look the best when deciding on a Euphoria-themed party.

What Types of Decorations Are Required?

Sparkles glitter and a lot of shimmers – these words define Euphoria quite perfectly. Hence, incorporating all these items into your Euphoria party is a must. The show is glamorous and so should be your party.

Organizing a party is fun, but it can also be pretty heavy on the pocket. So, sizing the amount to get the perfect décor isn’t always necessary. You can get the best decoration at the most minimal of prices with just the perfect décor items. Want to learn what they are?

Here are several decoration items which will elevate your party and make it look fantastic.

Star Projecting Bulbs

The Star projecting bulbs on the other hand has been a massive part of all Euphoria shows, so why leave them out? Use a star projector to display the surreal feeling of the stars on your walls. This small addition will elevate the party to another level and give everyone a euphoric feel. Numerous number of sparkling stars wandering all over your party’s venue will play their part in making your party fabulous.

You must opt for Liuyang RGBIC Smart Light Bulbs, if you are looking for the ideal star projecting bulbs. These amazing bulbs will create a pleasing starry night environment for your guest.

Liuyang RGBIC Smart Light Bulbs

Liuyang RGBIC Smart Light Bulbs

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LED Strip Light

No party is complete without good lighting, and when it comes to Euphoria, the multi-colored lights are what pulls the night together. Use LED strip lights in different colors to give your décor an appealing look. The different aura of colors combined and blinking will bring everyone into a party mood. You must combine the visual display of different color LED strips to make your party euphoric!

Keep in mind your party’s color scheme, while purchasing LED strips for your party. Besides this, the light set-up will make a perfect ambiance for people to dance to the trendiest and most euphoric beats.

Galaxy Projectors

If you plan on throwing a euphoric-themed party but are worried about your décor budget, using this trendy yet budget-friendly item should be your go-to. Bring the goodness of galaxies straight from the milky way to your party venue with the incredible galaxy projectors. These projectors with their incredible galaxy and star visual are excellent for lighting up your party ideally.

Liuyang Smart Galaxy Projector is indeed the best projector in the market and is immensely popular due to its unlimited unique features.

Liuyang Smart Galaxy Projector

Liuyang Smart Galaxy Projector

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The Liuyang Smart Galaxy Projector is a device that projects images of stars and galaxies onto a wall or other surface.


Euphoria has an entire episode in season one dedicated to balloons and parties. So, who are you to leave them out? Use a touch of some hot pinks and beautiful black colors in your party. Spice it up with metallic balloons of the same and combination colors and leave them around the room.

Growing up, balloons were an integral part of every party of our childhood, while some of you might have stopped using them in your décor now. This is the ultimate chance to do it again. Grab some fantastic balloons and leave them around the floor – stick them on the wall, all you want. The atmosphere will change with this bit of addition, making your party great.

If you are not a big fan of balloons, choosing the newest item in trend –neon signs should be your next pick.

Neon Signs

Neon signs are big these days, and Euphoria made sure to give them justice – so should you. Adding one or two neon signs with some catchy phrases from the show or life, in general, will look fantastic.

The show is filled with show-stopping one-liners and dialogues, which are relatable to the young life and something your peers would have picked too. So, if there is a dialogue that stuck with you or is famous from the show, you can get it neon signed and hang it at the party, making the ambiance even more aesthetic.

So, what are you waiting for, order a couple of neon signs and let the party begin?

Disco Ball

Every show we have watched shows a party with a disco ball at the center of the ceiling. With Euphoria trending and the show being big on parties, how can we miss the one particular item, which is an instant thought when one thinks about parties? A good quality disco ball that emits light will be a perfect addition to your party and a fantastic addition to your euphoria-themed party.

If you do not want a disco ball, it’s fine too. However, one thing you should never compromise on for a party is investing in some good-quality lights to keep the party going.

Why Should You Invest in Good-Quality Lights?

Euphoria is simply a highly standardized event, and to ensure that your Euphoria-themed party keeps on raving, your décor should be top-notch. However, one thing in the décor needs utmost focus: good-quality lights.

Having good-quality lights for a Euphoria-themed party is essential. This is because Euphoria was all about impressive party lights. Having some good-quality light will set your party in a mood and keep it raving all night long. In short, with the ambiance intact with lights, people are bound to have a lot of fun.

There are a lot of lights which you can choose from. The relatively common fairy lights will significantly add to any outdoor set-up. LED lights will look amazing, glowing in the living room while the party is in full swing, and many other types of lights will elevate your party by a considerable margin.

The trickier part will always be to decide which types and colors of lights to invest in. Once past this stage, the snacks bar is what you should start thinking about next.

Suitable Snacks for A Euphoria Themed Party

While good music and quality time are for certain essential factors to consider when planning a party, another element might just be a deal-breaker too. What is it? Food, of course. People will get hungry after hours of dancing and playing around. While dancing and hanging out with friends will be fun for them and equate to spending their best teenage days, it won’t end here.

Food has always been an essential part of any party, and for your Euphoria one, it will be just as important too. If you are confused about what simple yet delicious food items to keep which go well with your theme, here is what you can feed your attendees.


A fancy food to add to your food list. The slight look-alike of burgers, sliders are one of the top favorites among teenagers and young adults. Not only are they delicious, but their size is small enough to make it a one-bite yet filling meal.

Other than this, sliders can be made for meat-lovers and those who eat vegetarian food; hence having them on your menu will surely satisfy many taste buds and hunger.


Who doesn’t love this oily and cheesy goodness baked on bread? Pizza is a party staple and loved by all. This delicacy can be added to the menu in many flavors and will sit nicely for vegetarians and those who eat non-veg.

The best part about pizza is that it can be consumed hot and cold, so you do not have to worry about ordering it time for it to remain hot. Hence, adding it to your menu is always a great and safe option.

Chicken Wings

The saucy goodness and the meat which comes off from its bone – indeed, chicken wings are a delicacy that can make anyone’s day. While this food item is standard, it can come off as a fancy appetizer and make the perfect addition to your Euphoria-themed party.

Chicken wings are a delicious delicacy and something which is loved by a lot of people. The snack is easy to eat and can leave one satisfied—all the more reasons to add it to your menu list.

Chips and Snacks

Having some chips to munch on when you don’t feel like consuming heavier items is always great. Chips are everyone’s favorite, so dump in different snacks and chips flavors in separate bowls and let everyone munch on the crispy goodness.

If you do not want to go extravagant with your snack bar, some chips, a few snacks, and gummies will work perfectly well. The younger generation loves some junk, and there isn’t any doubt they will be devouring this too.


Parties include a lot of dancing, some sweaty bodies, and a house packed with people. Dancing the night away and playing every game you love is sure to leave anyone thirsty. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the drink bar is all set for the party.

Sodas, Mojitos, water, and juices should all be lining your table. People have different preferences regarding drinks, so keep a variety in this department too.


Organizing a Euphoria themed party is much fun! Play with the visual effects of different lighting party supplies to revamp your party. This article covers everything you must consider for organizing a Euphoria themed party. Take your party to the next level by following the guide detailed in the article.

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About Liuyanglamps

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