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Which is the Best Place to Put Floor Lamp in Living Room?




Are you fond of floor lamps? Do you want to add a floor lamp to your living room? Have you been wondering about the best place to put floor lamp in living room? Many people find it hard to identify the best place to put their floor lamp. Not every place can make your light look lovely and elegant.

Placing a lamp in the wrong place can affect the entire decor of your room. It will also affect the brightness of the room. If you’ve all these ambiguities in your mind, don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered. We’re here to share some phenomenal ideas that will be a great help for you. So stick here till the end!

Which is the Best Place to Put Floor Lamp in Living Room

Understand your Purpose:

Initially, it’s essential to understand your purpose. Do you need to ask yourself why you want to place floor lamps in a living room? Do you like it for décor? Understanding your goal will help you in the long run. Don’t forget to consider the following key points:

Which is the Best Place to Put Floor Lamp in Living Room

Adding Light to A Dark Space:

Suppose you find your living area dark and dull. Then adding a stylish floor lamp is a great idea. The entire décor and interior will be glamourized with suitable lighting.

Highlight a Specific Spot:

People who want to highlight a specific corner, decoration piece, painting, or wallpaper can also get a floor lamp. It will help provide a target light to enhance a unique treasure in your living area. You can add a table lamp to highlight a frame or a particular book corner.

Add Welcoming Vibe to Your Room:

Are you looking for a lamp to create a soft and welcoming vibe in your living area? In that case, you can get a lamp to make your space look more inviting. A good amount of light in a room brightens the area and creates positive vibes. You can get a specific floor lamp according to your preference.

Role of Floor Lamp in a Living Room:

You must decide the role of the floor lamp in your living room. A floor lamp can be added to your space for these reasons.

Floor Lamp Used for Reading:

People who love reading know the value of having a good lamp used for this reason. Reading could be challenging if your living area doesn’t have enough light. A good reading lamp can provide you with the standard amount of targeted light. The shade of a reading lamp is made to cover the bulb, which directs the light in one direction.

Which is the Best Place to Put Floor Lamp in Living Room

Floor Lamp Used for Ambiance:

Do you want to make your living room look cozy with a warm glow? It means you are thinking of adding ambiance to your living room. For this reason, you should get a floor lamp that must be able to diffuse light. Lamps used for ambiance have a shade that must not be bright white.

If you wish to create a cozy and warmer look, a more affable tone lampshade will be the best option. Floor lamps used for ambiance are a great source of light and décor for a room.

Which is the Best Place to Put Floor Lamp in Living Room

Floor Lamp Used as A Primary Light Source:

Another significant role of placing a floor lamp in a living room is to add enough light to your space. Some people don’t have enough lighting in the living area. They find it hard to stay in a dark room. In such a case adding a floor lamp to your living room is a great idea.

It would help if you chose a lamp that has exceptional brightness. Moreover, the lampshade should provide enough space for the light bulb. It will make the room brighter.

Which is the Best Place to Put Floor Lamp in Living Room

Types of Floor Lamp:

Before getting a good quality floor lamp, it’s essential to enhance your knowledge base about different types of floor lamps.

Club Lamp:

The traditional floor lamp is also known as a club lamp. It is used to brighten the ample space. People who want to illuminate their living area with a premium piece of décor go for this lamp.

Torchiere Lamp:

You’ll find this lamp similar to a club lamp in looks. But, the way it spread light is exceptional. The base of the lamp is solid and sturdy with a toll pole. There is a single bulb mounted on it. It is a perfect lamp for those looking for general lighting.

Task Lamp:

It is a perfect lamp for those who want to get light in a specific area. This lamp doesn’t take up a lot of space, and its functioning is similar to a table lamp.

Tower Lamp:

Tower lamps can add tremendous ambient lighting to your area. The lighting of this lamp is soft and delicate. Some people use these lamps as a piece of art for their room décor.

Tree Lamp:

Tree lamp serves the purpose of general and targeted lighting. This lamp has multiple sources of light connected with a single pole. Each morning on a tree lamp can be adjusted and twisted in any direction according to your need.

Best Place to Put your Floor Lamp:

You can analyze the best position to place your floor lamp according to your need and area. Here we’re going to share some ideal places to put floor lamps.

  1. Behind a TV or next to it
  2. Next to a couch or chair
  3. Behind a chair
  4. In front of the window

How Many Floor Lamps you Should Use?

It is significant to know how many other lighting sources are available in your room. You’ll probably need only a one-floor lamp if you’ve ceiling lights that provide enough light. Apart from this, you need to analyze the size of your living area.

Large or medium size living areas can have more than a one-floor lamp. On the contrary, a small living room should only have a one-floor light.


Turning your living room into a magical place with warm ambient lighting is very easy. Add a stylish piece of lamp that complements the décor and interior of your room. It will not only illuminate your room but creating an inviting vibe.

Our guide will save your time and make your room look attractive and phenomenal.

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