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Where and How to Hide Floor Lamp Wires and Cords?




Do you have a floor lamp? Are you annoyed by its wires and cords? Well, people get floor lamps to add a unique item of decor to their house. These floor lamps emit bright light, making an entire room remarkably beautiful.

Where and How to Hide Floor Lamp Wires and Cords?

There is one feature that makes these floor lamps annoying: the cords. Managing cords and hiding them in a proper place is nothing less them a hassle. These cords tangle very quickly, creating a lot of mess in a tidy room. The beauty of your floor lamp is affected due to these cords.

An entire neat and clean room can look like a big clutter. People often try different techniques but are unaware of the proper methods which can be followed to hide floor lamp wires and cords. This article will share excellent ways of hiding lamp wires with minimum cost and effort.

Look for Creative Solutions

The following creative solutions are super easy, simple, and cost-effective if you want to hide floor lamp cords. We’ve come up with innovative ideas that can help you hide your lamp wires without any hassle.

How Can You Hide Floor Lamp Wires in a Living Room?

Hiding your floor lamp wires in a living room is very easy. Your entire process of hiding cords depends on the placement of the lamp. If you’ve placed a floor lamp near any wall, using flexible tunnels can help a lot. If the lamp is placed in the middle of the room, you can hide wires behind your furniture.

How Can You Hide Floor Lamp Wires In Corners?

Hiding floor lamp wires in corners is an uncomplicated and trouble-free process. All you need is to tie them all together with cable ties. Then, you can place a decorative piece in front of those cable ties. If you think that corners have many other items and you cannot possibly hide your wires there, you can hide the cords in a decorative box.

How You Can Hide Floor Lamp Cords Under Furniture?

Some people think that they can drag the furniture from the walls and hide the lamp wires behind them. Remember that this method is not adaptable as it will give a messy and congested look to your room. At the same time, your lamp wires will not be appropriately hidden behind the furniture.

Here you’re advised to be little creative. You’ll need either adhesive tape or hooks and will use them to hide the cords behind the furniture. You can also hide the cords under the table and cabinet.

Decorating Your Cables

Instead of worrying about how to hide your lamp cords, you can decorate them. By painting the cables and wires, you’ll add another piece of art to your room. This method will conceal the untidy look of wires by converting them into valuable items.

Easy Ways to Hide Floor Lamp Cords

We came up with a few easy steps that can help you hide floor lamp cords in no time.

Use Cable Masking Method

You’ll find this process bit strategic in the beginning. But, once done, you’ll find it simple. In this method, wires and cords are hidden in corners and behind furniture. All you need is to conceal the wiring along the wall using tubes and forged ducts.

By Using Flexible Spirals

In this method, you can use ready-to-use spirals. Flexible spirals and tunnels are those gadgets that are readily available in the market. You can fix any standard cable with these loose spirals. Many people use these cables as they can be easily replaced.

By Using Wall Stickers

Using wall stickers to hide wires and cords is a cost-effective method. You’ll need a beautiful wall sticker that can add more style to your room. These wall stickers are available in a variety of colors and designs. You can get the one that goes with the theme and decor of your room.

By Painting the Wires and Cords

If you want to opt for a cost-effective method, just paint your wires and cords. You’ll need a paint color that matches perfectly with your room decor.

Focus on the Safety Measures

Hiding your lamp cords is significant but don’t forget that safety comes first. Keep in mind that the lamp’s wires and cables are connected with a power connection. Ensure to remove the lamp from the electric supply so that cables may not harm you.

Hire a Professional

If your electric supply sockets are not safe and you feel that hiding wires may harm you, then it’s crucial to hire a professional. You need to hire an electrician who is aware of the entire process of hiding wires safely.

Place your Floor Lamp in a Right Position

Placing the floor lamp correctly can save your time, effort, and energy in hiding wires and cords. If you choose to place the lamp on one corner or near the furniture, hiding wires will be a hassle-free process.

Understanding your room’s size and decor can help you place your lamp in a suitable position. Once you’ll place the lamp in a suitable position hiding wires will be easy and simple.


It’s been said that every problem comes with a solution. Similarly, our article has provided significant insights for those worried about their lamp cords.

Suppose you’ve attempted every technique that came to your mind and still failed to hide your lamp cords safely. Don’t worry, as our article is here with many efficient and cost-effective ways to save your time and energy. You don’t have to invest in expensive tapes as there are many creative solutions to hide your lamp cords.

The primary purpose is to hide the mess caused due to the lamp cords. Once you follow these simple steps, you’ll be at peace for the rest of your life. Our article has provided techniques and methods that can be applied to hide any cords and wires. Get ready to hide your wires and make your room look tidy!

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