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What is the Best Height for a Floor Lamp?




Do you want to add a beautiful element of decor and elegance to your room? Are you worried about what should be the best height for a floor lamp? You don’t need to worry as we are here to guide you.

best height for a floor lamp

Our article will assist you in gaining a clear understanding of the ideal height of your floor lamp. A perfect height of a floor lamp is linked with many other factors. Once you learn to understand the significance of each element, you can easily find an ideal height floor lamp. You need to do a proper search before buying any lamp.

It is essential to understand your need. Some people want floor lamps as a source of decor. In contrast, others use it to add light to their room. Once you identify the reason for buying a phenomenal floor lamp, it will save you from hassle.

Understand your Room

Initially, you need to understand your room and space. Assess the free space and entire furniture of your room. If you want to get a floor lamp for a living room, you need to analyze the height of each item. Creating a balance between heightened and small items is essential. Adding one wrong item can destroy the entire look of your room.

People looking for a heightened floor lamp for their office should focus on their office size. As many people spend a lot of time reading, writing, and on the computer, finding a lamp that provides target light is crucial. Getting a good quality heightened reading lamp is a good idea. Reading lamps have adjustable goosenecks making it possible to adjust the light.

You’ll need to understand the location where your lamp will be placed. Choosing the right size for your lamp can be a tremendous source of lighting and ambiance.

Choosing the Right Position for Your Floor Lamp

Remember, everything looks nice and adds value when placed in the right place. It is not only about finding a floor lamp and putting it anywhere in your room. Placing a floor lamp without any prior planning can create stress for you later. Place your floor lamp in a place that can add more lighting and visual value to your room.

One important aspect is to see whether the lamp looks friendly with other items in your room or not. The height, shade, light, and color of your lamp should add more value to the room. Try to create a balance and placing your lamp on one side of a window can look amazing.

Ideal Height of a Floor Lamp

An ideal floor lamp height is between 58 to 64 inches tall. The lamp’s base should be at an eye level of a seated person. The bottom of light can also be above eye level but not below it.

living room corner floor lamp

People who want to buy multiple floor lamps should prefer a similar height for all the lamps. By doing so, your lamps won’t look weird when placed collectively in a room. At the same time, the lamps won’t look different from each other.

Before purchasing a floor lamp, you should take measurements of your walls and other furniture items. Taking proper measures will help you analyze the maximum height of your eye level when you’re seated. If you have a sofa of a smaller size, you can choose a short-height lamp.

Different Kinds of Floor Lamps

Following are different kinds of floor lamps with an ideal height for any space:

Nelson 59” Crystal / Metal LED Floor Lamp

The lamp is designed with a lotus flower to give it an ancient look. The lotus flower is added to depict how it grows from the mud, rises above the water surface, and keeps shining with its fantastic beauty. The lamp is made with a cord wrapped in silk. The company has added linen drum shade to give it a lavish look.

The nelson lamp is 59” tall, and the entire look of the light is classic and ideal for people who want to add an ancient vibe to their space.

Felix 56.5” Adjustable LED Floor Lamp

A modern piece of contemporary art is designed to fulfill the concept of color-blocking. The beautiful lamp is created with the utmost attention and involves a brass rod. The top of the light is black metal to give it a unique look.

An extraordinary unique lamp is 56.5” tall, shorter than an ideal lamp’s height. The lamp is perfect for a space where the sitting arrangement is below eye level.

Olmec 63” Metal / Crystal LED Floor Lamp

If you love crystal lamps, then this unique piece of floor lamp is for you. The entire look of the floor lamp is elegant and straightforward. The sparkling crystals will look remarkably magnificent and gives a unique look.

Does Lamp Height Include Shade?

It is essential to understand that height of the lamp’s shade should be one-third of the size of the base. Similarly, the shade’s width should be two-thirds of the lamp’s base. You’ll find this as an ideal way to assess the height of the shade.

If you are purchasing a lamp without giving any attention to the shade’s height, it can be an incredible mess. Lamps with wide shade can block the light and direct the brightness only to a specific area. On the other hand, the ideal lampshade will brighten your room with proper light.


We’re hopeful this article will help you learn about an ideal height of a floor lamp. Every other item influence lamp height in your room. It would be best to make an initial plan to understand your space.

The lamp that compliments your space and room will be a source of light and modern style for your room. You’ll enjoy spending your time in a room that creates a positive vibe and aesthetic look. Get your favorite floor lamps with the best height according to your room size and location!

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