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Proper Way to Choose the Brightest Floor Lamp




Are you looking for a Lamp that can make your room bright? Do you want to add light to your room? In contrast, many others need to add more elegance with a versatile Brightest Floor Lamp.

Proper Way to Choose the Brightest Floor Lamp

The kind of floor lamp you can choose to add light to your room will entirely depend on your need. You need to understand that every lamp comes with different features. Each lamp is designed to fulfill some specific requirements of users. In this article, we’ll help you to understand every essential thing about the brightest floor lamp.

We’ll make you capable of deciding which kind of floor lamp will go with your room. Get ready to dive into a great source of information as we’ve got you covered.

Proper Way to Choose the Brightest Floor Lamp

If you want to choose the brightest lamp, you must know everything we’ll cover in this topic. Firstly, you need to know about Lumen. It is the intensity of light in any space. You must know which type of floor lamp can provide enough Lumen according to your room. The lamp can give light based on a good quality of Lumen.

Secondly, ask yourself what size of floor lamp do you need? The brightness of a lamp depends on its size and height. If you choose the taller lamp, it is a fact that it will spread light in your room. On the contrary, if you buy a short-height lamp, the light will be restricted to a particular area. Don’t forget to analyze other sources of light available in a room.

An ideal lamp height that can provide the brightest light is 67 to 69 inches. Focus on the base of a lamp to choose the most illuminated floor lamp. The bottom of your lamp should be selected based on the portion of the light.

Which Kind of Color Lamp Shade Gives the Most Light?

It is significant to focus on the color of the lampshade. The lampshade color can directly affect the brightness of light passed by the lamp. If you go for a glassy and semi-transparent material, less light will pass through the shade. It is best to buy a cotton and linen fabric with light colors to brighten your room with light.

Types of Brightest Floor Lamps

Floor lamps come in a wide range depending on their size, height, quality, and shade color. Here we’ve discussed the best lamps that emit the brightest light.

Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for a lamp with white light, then get your hands on this. It has a flexible gooseneck to adjust the angle according to your requirement. You can also change the brightness level as it has a lumens range. It is a touch lamp which makes it easy to use.

This lamp has got five ratings on Amazon and is highly in demand. The manufacturer has launched it in three colors: white, black and silver.

Dimunt LED Floor Lamp

The lamp is found as the second topmost favorite of buyers. Highly affordable with the built-in LED bulb. People can use it with a remote and even a touch system. The lamp is known for its adjustable gooseneck.

JOOFO Floor Lamp

Are you one of those looking for a modern floor lamp with an adjustable neck? This lamp is best for those who want various lighting options. It provides a complete touch system with the possibility of converting between cold, warm, and natural light. JOOFO Floor Lamp looks elegant and adds more style to your room.

Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp

If you are looking for a long-lasting lamp, go for this one without any second thoughts. It has two adjustable rings, emitting a perfect warm white light. The lamp provides brightness settings as well. Some people find it expensive, but it’s worth more than every penny spent. The company offers a three-year warranty along with a superb silver finish.

Choosing the Right Kind of Bulb for your Floor Lamp

The light of your lamp is entirely dependent on the type of bulb used in it. Before buying a lamp, check the type of bulb they’ve used. Always go for a lamp with LED bulbs. These bulbs are famous for emitting bright light with a long-lasting life span. A standard LED bulb could last for more than twenty years.

Some people find these bulbs expensive, but their price outstands the quality. They can produce warm and soothing light. Few bulbs come with an option to have different colors and hues.

Importance of Brightest Floor Lamp

Following are the important factors of the brightest floor lamp:

Adding Versatility to Your Room

The most illuminated lamp will not only add more light, but it will add style and elegance to your room. Lamps come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Choosing the one which complements your space and interior can be a great source of versatility.

An Additional Source of Light

Lamps are used to enhance the look and décor of your room by providing another source of light. An entire room can look brighter with the brightest floor lamp.

Allows You to be Creative

Lamps will enable you to add your creativity into their assembling. You can choose a lampshade according to your preference and match it with a particular lamp stand and bulb.


The brightest lamps are not only used to brighten the dim and dark space. People use it as a design element for their rooms. Lights are found as a practical element of home décor.

Our guide will help you get your hands on the best brightest lamp. All you need is to choose the one which complements your space and furniture. Never go for the most illuminated lamp with any ordinary bulb. Remember that an LED bulb can make your room look bright. Get ready and order your most colorful lamp now!

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About Liuyanglamps

About Liuyanglamps

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