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Halloween In Around the Corner – 10 Innovative Things to Level up Your Décor In 2023

Halloween is one of the most favorite holidays that is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. Everyone eagerly decorates their home with the spookiest things they can find. From pumpkins and spider webs to skeletons, ghosts, and more, they get to use different scary props to tailor their décor according to the theme.

Why not mix and match traditional décor ideas with innovative ones this Halloween, creating a unique ambiance? Although several decorative materials are available in the market, the new trend that is getting famous exponentially is the use of neon signs. These cool-looking signs will make your Halloween decoration more aesthetic and fun.

We have your back if you are hunting for the best innovative and cute-looking décor for your 2023 Halloween. So, without any further delays, let’s get into this brief yet comprehensive article and discuss some cool Halloween décor ideas you can use to make your space the scariest!

Halloween Décor and Why It's Time to End the Traditional Decors:

Do you love celebrating Halloween and decorating your home and other places with the cutest and most spooky decorations? We heard you screaming YES! But should you use traditional décor items or innovative ones? Latter one for sure; hop on below to learn why!

When Halloween is over, it is a sign that you need to pack your spooky and eerie decorations and put them back in the store. This is the case with traditional Halloween decorations, but with the latest and trendy décor items like neon signs, you don’t have to go through all the hassle when the season ends.

The Halloween neon signs are year-round decorations; these are not only good for Halloween, but they are also an ideal decorative material for enhancing the look of your room. This makes for a solid reason why you should skip using traditional decors.

Perks of Using LED Halloween Neon Signs

Halloween neon signs come in two types, LED Halloween neon signs and traditional neon signs. Out of these, the former ones are mostly preferred because they are energy efficient and environment-friendly. Let’s get to know more about their perks below!

  • LED neon lights do not cause health hazards and require lesser power per foot of tubing. Unlike traditional decor items, they won’t cause inflated bills.
  • These are way durable and can serve for years without compromising the visual effect. Meaning you don’t find the need to replace the décor each year, as in the case with traditional décor items.
  • You can customize these signs the way you like. Everything can be tailored to your liking, from size and color to design and more.
  • Unlike those traditional incandescent Halloween bulbs, these neon signs last 25 times longer. Meaning a one-time investment can serve you for years.
  • They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Also, these can withstand temperature extremes.

Neon Signs a Big Yes – Choose The Best For Your House:

If you plan to consider our idea and are looking for the best Halloween neon signs for your space, the Liuyang store is the best place for you. You can find the most hauntingly bold, spooky, and fun-looking neon signs here. From RIP neon signs and Bloody Vampire signs to more and more, their collection is brimming with worth-getting neon signs.

Below, we have compiled a list of our top picks of the ten best Halloween neon signs from their collection. Let’s have a look at them.

If you are looking for an accent Halloween neon sign, the Let’s Get Spooky Halloween Neon Sign is the best thing to get for your home. This is a fun neon sign with a witch-hat shape on it, giving off the colorful and pleasing visual effects of LED lights. The LED lights are vivid colors and are based on smart technology.

You can control these neon signs by APP or voice. These are also compatible with smart products such as Alexa and Google Home. These signs are minimal and make the entire setup more fun. It looks like you have put a lot of effort into decorating your home for Halloween.

You can pick the color of the LED from the 12 available ones: red, pink, light pink, orange, yellow, blue, green, white, cold white, and warm white. You can even choose the board type of LED, including contour and rectangular shape boards. There is also an option to pick the light adjustment, such as the USB, plug, and remote-control LED.

Are you looking for something different and unique to make your Halloween more aesthetic? Then the RIP Neon Sign is the perfect option for you. The RIP Neon sign is very distinct; believe you won’t be able to find a design similar to this anywhere else online.

This tomb design has a cross over it and RIP font written in the center. Here you can pick the different colors of the LED light according to your liking. There are also options for the backboard, like a contour board or the rectangular board for hanging this LED light. They come with 24 month warranty, and you even get free shipping.

The quality of the LED lights is very high, with the surety of significantly less heat generation from the LED lights. The energy consumption of these LED lights is also considerably less, meaning you can save a lot on your electric bills. The spooky LED is perfect for creating an ambiance for Halloween parties and events. This can also be an ideal gift for people who like spooky yet fun things in their homes.

Want cuteness and scariness in one thing, then the Skull with Rose Neon Sign is the perfect option. This is a very innovative design being the most fun one on the market. It features a cute skull with a rose and leaves in the mouth. This perfect combination is ideal for Halloween decorations and can be used even after Halloween parties. 

In this Halloween neon sign, you have to pick two LED colors, one for the flower and the other for the leave. Pick any color according to your liking from the range of different colors. Prefer getting one that matches your décor theme. This skull with the rose neon sign can even be a perfect gift.

In the packaging of this sign, you get all the things you’ll need for installation. The package has a neon sign, the appropriate power adapter, and even a plug with the switch. Screws and chains with other essential installation accessories are also available, making it very easy to hang the neon sign in your room.

Customization is also available, which means you can get different names, numbers, or even other designs on the neon sign according to your liking.

The skeleton is the best thing that gives the most Halloween vibes. Imagine a setup with scary dim yellowish hues featuring a skeleton hung with a wall. It’s even scary to imagine! No doubt, this neon sign would be an ideal addition to your Halloween decoration this year!

This Skeleton-Shaped Neon Sign is available in 12 different vibrant and vivid colors. Other than this, pick the light adjustment option. Three options are available: the USB, the line dimmer plus plug, and the remote dimmer plus plug. Choose whatever you like according to your preferences.

You can also pick the lighting mode, like the twinkle lighting, and can even adjust the brightness of the neon sign. The material used to make this neon light is epoxy resin with acrylic board and the highest quality LED lights. Liuyang store offers a 24-month guarantee, and they have exchange policies. This excellent design is perfect for amping up your space and making it look more fun and aesthetically pleasing.

Who doesn’t like to carve faces on a pumpkin during Halloween? Going to the pumpkin patch and doing different family traditions is a part of Halloween. But what if you can add an innovative and spooky-looking pumpkin to your Halloween decoration? If this idea sounds tempting, get your hands on the Pumpkin Neon Sign!

The Pumpkin Neon Sign is also a great thing to add to your Halloween parties and enhance the ambiance in the best way possible. The creepy face of the pumpkin with the witch hat makes it unique and different from all the other options you can find. Your guests will surely ask about this new and unique addition to your parties and home decorations.

With this Pumpkin Neon Sign, you can also pick the pumpkin colors according to your liking. There are 12 options red, sky blue, purple, orange, green, blue, cold white, warm white, white, pink, yellow, and more. You can even customize the size of the neon lights according to your liking. There are four different sizes to pick from, i.e., 10’’-25.4cm, 16’’40.6cm, 20’’-50.8cm, and 25’’-63.5cm.

This Pumpkin Neon Sign is one of the best designs available in this Liuyang store and will surely make your Halloween decorations different from others.

Trick or Treat is one of the most important parts of Halloween. If you are doing the trick or treat this year, using this Trick or Treat Neon sign outside your home is the perfect way to invite people and kids. You can use it on the door, pathway, and even in your home.

The best thing about these Halloween signs is that they last for 400,000 hours, which is about four years. This means you can use it repeatedly every Halloween or make it a part of your regular home décor. Another great feature of this Trick or Treat sign is that it is indestructible, meaning there are significantly fewer chances of it getting any damage. You can even get something else customized with this Trick or Treat sign, which will surely fit your budget.

Here, you can also pick the colors of your LED light. All the colors of this LED light are soothing and create the perfect Halloween ambiance. Each of these is bound to create a fun and relaxed ambiance in your room or home. Installing these LEDs are also effortless and ideal for outdoor and spooky indoor decorations.

Halloween and ghosts go hand in hand; if you are looking for a ghost neon sign to decorate your home with this Halloween, this Halloween Ghost Neon Sign is the best option.

The Halloween Ghost Neon Sign requires 1.5 watts of power per tubing, which is why it is perfect for conserving energy. The traditional LED lights take about 20 watts, but these lights are energy efficient, so your electric bills won’t spike up. There are no gas leaks with this LED neon sign, which decreases the chances of any danger. Besides this, these LED lights are also good for the environment and won’t cause any damage.

The Halloween Ghost Neon Sign is very versatile. Besides being suitable for Halloween decorations, these are also perfect for decorating your game room, home, or any space. These LEDs’ calming light gives the space a perfect look and creates a fantastic atmosphere.

Are you planning a vampire theme Halloween party or looking for a unique yet aesthetic vampire-inspired neon sign? This one is the best pick. This sign is very different, perfect for indoors and outdoors. It is also weather resistant, which means that you can easily put them on your doors.

These LED lights are long-lasting and maintenance-free, making them the perfect decoration for the home. You can also add different features, customize the name design, and do other things on this neon sign.

The Blood Vampire Neon Sign is the structure of lips with vampire teeth and blood dripping from the chin. This is one of the most aesthetic designs you can find in this shop. It can also be used for decorating a bar, a tattoo shop, and other places because it is not limited to being a Halloween decoration piece. You also get to pick the color of the neon sign according to the ambiance you want to create.

Along with the actual product, you will also get installation accessories that make the hanging process more straightforward and effortless. This sign has a warranty of about 2 to 4 years. This sign is of very high quality, made with the best LED lamp beads and high-quality wiring.

These LED signs are also waterproof; you can safely use them outdoors, even if it rains. They also reduce energy consumption and dissipate minor heat, making them ideal for environmental protection.

Another innovative design in the Liuyang store is the Hello There Hell Here Neon Sign. This design is available in 12 colors, so you can pick the one that goes with your interior. The Hello There Hell Here can be a cute gift for your friends and a cute little décor item for Halloween parties and events.

These neon signs are durable and can last 25 times longer than bulbs. It comes with a warranty, so you can quickly get them exchanged if there are any problems. Customization is also available with this neon sign. All this makes it one of the best designs you can buy online in this store.

Spiders are also an essential part of Halloween, often seen as prominent decoration components. One of the neon signs in the Liuyang store inspired by spiders is the Spider Web Neon Sign. It’s something you should not skip getting!

This fun-looking spider web is made with the highest quality acrylic board and features energy-efficient LED lights. The LED lights have a calming and soothing visual effect and are ideal for use in every kind of setting. They will amp up your space in the most minimal manner and make it look stunning and remarkable.

The best thing to mention is that you can customize these signs in any of your desired spider web designs, be it simple or one with a twist.


Halloween LED neon signs are a creative way to make your room look colorful and bright in no time. Although you will find loads of online stores selling LED neon lights, the one offering premium quality with affordability is Liuyang!

They have a vast collection of LED neon signs for girly rooms, Halloween decorations, and many other categories. Be sure to check out their website to learn more about the offered products! You will surely find a Halloween neon sign of your choice, because they offer something for everyone!

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