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Get Inspired with 36 Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas




When designing a bedroom, it is important to consider the lighting. Many different types of lighting can be used to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Some popular bedroom lighting ideas include using light fixtures with soft or subtle light, candles, or lamps with a warm glow. Whatever type of lighting you choose, make sure it is appropriate for the situation and your style.

There are many different ways to light a bedroom. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular modern bedroom lighting ideas.

One of the most popular ways to light a bedroom is with recessed lighting. Recessed lights can be placed on the ceiling or the wall and they provide a soft, even light that is perfect for bedrooms.

Another popular way to light a bedroom is with track lighting. Track lighting can be placed in a variety of different locations in the room and it provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to lighting your bedroom.

If you are looking for something a little more unique, you may want to consider using pendant lights over your bed. Pendant lights provide a unique look and they can help to create an inviting atmosphere in your bedroom.

36 Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas:

Funky Light Design

modern bedroom lighting ideas

This lime green blueprint light is the ideal thing to cause a room to look and feel astoundingly current. This would be smart for the main room in a home that values everything present day. This idea has such a lot of allure, you’d scarcely require more enrichments.

Medusa Light Fixture

modern bedroom lighting ideas

This fascinating light plan highlights strands of light that curl out in a wide range of headings, suitably giving it the name “Medusa” light. Similar to Medusa’s hair of snakes, this awesome light apparatus will dazzle all who see it, yet fortunately, without the gamble of being gone to stone.

Pendant Lights

modern bedroom lighting ideas

These great, bulbous pendant lights are draping effortlessly on one or the other side of this room. These lights include a delicate, wispy sparkle as they are cagey and permit the light from inside to gleam out impeccably. This would be an ideal expansion for a cosier, yet more present-day room.

Attach Blue Light

modern bedroom lighting ideas

Who says lighting must be white? Energize the room for certain various varieties, for example, this blue light sparkling in from the window. You can involve a hued light as a highlight assuming you lean toward the conspicuous light in the room to be a more customary, dazzling white tone.

Set Up A Floor Lamp

modern bedroom lighting ideas

A floor light is a significant part of the room’s stylistic layout. Utilized close by divider lights, floor lights add level to the stylistic layout. As the name recommends, these lights are floor-mounted and around 4-6 feet tall. There are vast decisions on the lookout, and you can match any embellishing subject. Scarcely any floor lights likewise accompany flexible heads, making it simple for you to coordinate light any place you need. Such lights can be utilized to enlighten the understanding niche or any seating region in the room.

Install A Wall Light

modern bedroom lighting ideas

Try not to ignore room divider lighting thoughts by the same token. Downlighters particularly have become exceptionally well known, with a variety of various styles, and are ideal for adding interest and vibe to a central divider.

Divider lighting is a great choice assuming that you’re searching for ways of enlightening your little room, as it invalidates the requirement for floor space.

Light A Focal Point

modern bedroom lighting ideas

Assuming you like striking headboard thoughts or articulation bedding, lighting them from above with a huge pendant can deliver a delightful outcome while tossing light onto a work of art adds surface.

Light up A Reading Corner

modern bedroom lighting ideas

With the right lighting, your room can take on various looks over the day, night, and seasons.

Add climate with a story light that gets turned on in the afternoon, while an Anglepoise light gives a directional light reasonable to perusing in that comfortable rocker.

Geometric Pendant Lighting

modern bedroom lighting ideas

This mathematical pendant light is a genuinely fascinating idea that isn’t just current, but very moderate, too. The intriguing plan empowers this piece to do well as an independent or as a singular piece of craftsmanship for the entire room since it’s so novel in the plan.

Lots of Lighting

modern bedroom lighting ideas

From highlight lights to pompous hanging crystal fixtures, you can practically pick any sort of lighting for any sort of style room you need. Whether you have a huge space to fill or a more modest main room, you should rest assured to see any sort of lighting that would suitably suit your preferences.

Orbit Chandelier

modern bedroom lighting ideas

This wonderful circle ceiling fixture is essentially as splendid as a starburst. This enormously motivated plan is great for a room that is current and imaginative. Since this is a particularly extraordinary plan, this light installation would be amazing in a setting without too many diverting components, as it’s adequately lovely to remain all alone.

Svoboda Lamp

modern bedroom lighting ideas

This Svoboda light nearly looks as though it’s associated with the divider, yet after looking into it further, you can see that it is a table light. This intriguing light has an alternate shape that you don’t ordinarily see consistently. That brilliant shape, matched with astounding tones makes for a genuinely intriguing room idea.

Hanging Lamps

modern bedroom lighting ideas

With such countless kinds of lighting accessible out there, it could be difficult to pinpoint the exact thing sort of lighting you’ll need for the room. This rundown of thoughts offers a few various types of lights that make certain to light up the spot, the decision is yours with regards to configuration type.

Bed Headboard Lighting

modern bedroom lighting ideas

Current bed plans are fitted with LED strips. Normally, the light apparatus is taken cover behind the headboard, giving a drifting light impact. The headboard bed lighting can assist with adding one more layer of lighting for the room and carry a stylish appearance to the space.

Natural Lighting is The Best

modern bedroom lighting ideas

Permit regular light into your room however much as could reasonably be expected. It makes the room exuberant during the day and sets aside energy. Most importantly, it is a disposition promoter. In this way, tie back your draperies to permit however much light as could reasonably be expected. Assuming you think the daylight is excessively brutal, pull in a basic net drape. They let you appreciate regular lighting and attempt to give security.

Sputnik Chandelier

modern bedroom lighting ideas

With regards to creating a maximalist space, nobody does it very much like Jonathan Adler. His provocative Greenwich Village main room is equipped with his Sputnik Chandelier, as well as his rocker, stool, mixed drink table, drinks table, end tables, and carpet.

Candelabra Chandelier

modern bedroom lighting ideas

This Orem, Utah, home highlights a rich candelabra-style crystal fixture, a lavender mohair headboard, and a hoofed Kedan stool by Oly Studio.

Frosted Glass Floor Lamp

modern bedroom lighting ideas

In this brilliant West Village condo, an iridescent glass floor light enlightens the room. The light matches the dividers to give the deception of a greater space while limiting mess.

Art Deco Lighting

modern bedroom lighting ideas

Gotten into a clean anteroom in Steven Gambrel’s Art Deco condo, this custom bed is upholstered in a Zimmer + Rohde texture, while the houndstooth cushions are in Holland and Sherry texture, and the 1950s sconces are by Ignazio Gardella.

Gilded Tree Lamp

modern bedroom lighting ideas

The collectable style of this room is featured with a branch-motivated brilliant tree light, joining conventional style with a cutting edge bend.

Neon Bedroom Lights

modern bedroom lighting ideas

In a negligible loft, the neon divider mould in the main room is by Glenn Ligon, and the Corian stage bed, a special craft, is dressed with Belgian materials; the around 1960 bedside tables are by Joseph-André Motte, and the dividers are sheathed in a Marmorino divider finish.

Gilded Bedroom Lights

modern bedroom lighting ideas

In creator Megan Winters’ Chicago home, the room includes a conceal mat by Kyle Bunting. The toile is by Lee Jofa, the rare ceiling fixture is French, and the table lights and wallcovering are by Ralph Lauren Home.

Sculptural Pendants

modern bedroom lighting ideas

At their home in Marrakech, Samuel and Caitlin Dowe-Sandes’ little girl’s room includes a light apparatus by Claire Norcross for Luminosity. The floor is cleared in starburst floor tiles by their firm, Popham Design. The iron bed is a swap meet find.

Built-In Task Lamps

modern bedroom lighting ideas

In a lavish Palm Springs home, the bed in the main room, which highlights task lights connected to the headboard, accompanied the house. It is wearing Barbara Martin materials with a sweeping and farces by Hermès. The artistic creation is by Daryl Edwards and the wood screen and marble bedside tables are home deal finds.

Ballon Scones

modern bedroom lighting ideas

Intense iced swell sconces in high contrast act as the ideal scenery for a lacquered divider in this West Village main room.

Floral-Inspired Chandelier

modern bedroom lighting ideas

A flower enlivened ceiling fixture captures everyone’s attention in this inviting main room with provincial wood radiates. The space, situated in a TriBeCa home, was planned via Carolyn Pressly.

Beaded Chandelier

modern bedroom lighting ideas

Once in a while toning it down would be ideal, however, this main room demonstrates that going intense can pay off in a significant manner. With an end goal to cause this enticing room to feel roomier, fashioner Suzanne Childress decided on a curiously large beaded light fixture.

Rock-Crystal Table Lamps

modern bedroom lighting ideas

Inside fashioner, Linda Pinto’s Parisian aerie includes a couple of rock-precious stone lights by Edward F. Caldwell and Co., which supplement the nineteenth-century ivory Dieppe mirrors.

Nature-Inspired Chandelier

modern bedroom lighting ideas

Niermann Weeks’ leaf-enlivened light fixture carries a bit of polish to this main room plan by Steven Gambrel. The Chicago space additionally includes 1950s lights from the End of History.

Tropical Scones

modern bedroom lighting ideas

In the main room of a penthouse condo on the French Riviera, the bed is flanked by palm tree sconces and finished off with a mohair cover from the French Alps. The 1950s English bedside table is mahogany, and the hand-painted backdrop is nineteenth-century English.

Matching Lamps And Wallpaper

modern bedroom lighting ideas

In Andy Cohen’s Greenwich Village loft, the shades on the classic Pierre Giraudon green-sap end table lights from John Salibello match the Ralph Lauren Home backdrop in the main room. The bed is upholstered in a Maharam plaid by Paul Smith and dressed with Pratesi cloths.

A Unique Bronze Pendant

In the main room of creator Jean-Louis Deniot’s Parisian loft, the precious stone lights and bronze roof pendant are by fashioner Deniot. The cowhide carpet is by Serge Lesage, the dividers are in a custom tone, and the pictures are from the sixteenth hundred years through the 1960s.

A Chrome Pendant

modern bedroom lighting ideas

In this French duplex, the room’s chrome pendant light is a cutting edge expansion of this exemplary room. The cedar bed hitched rope furniture, and figures are bypass

A Moroccan Lantern

modern bedroom lighting ideas

The huge balancing lamp in the room of craftsman Anne Becker’s Manhattan condo gives an extra light source to the room previously overflowed by light through the wood shades by planner Gregory Bissonnette and finished glass insets by Jacqueline Rusca. The suzani spread is from Sheherazade.

A Paper Pendant

modern bedroom lighting ideas

An apparatus built of paper plates by Christopher Trujillo energetically summons mists in a room planned by Stephen Sills in a celebrated Manhattan apartment complex. The uniquely crafted bed is upholstered in a Pierre Frey texture, and the bedside tables are from Crate and Barrel. This pendant fits best for modern bedroom lighting ideas.

A Crystal Chandelier

modern bedroom lighting ideas

A gem light fixture hangs over the bed inside an Italian palace. The Red Room’s bed and bedside tables were made for the palace in the late nineteenth 100 years, and the sheet material is by Ralph Lauren Home.

Top 6 Tips For Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas:

1. Picking the right lighting for your bedroom is important to set the mood and create the right atmosphere.

There are a variety of modern bedroom lighting ideas to choose from.

When it comes to picking the perfect lighting for your bedroom, there are a variety of things to consider. You want to find something that sets the mood and creates the right atmosphere for you. Bedroom lighting doesn’t have to be traditional, several modern options can make a statement.

Pendant lights are a great option for bedrooms. They provide a lot of light and can brighten up a room. They also create a focal point in the space and can add some personality. If you’re looking for something more subtle, try opting for wall sconces instead. They provide just the right amount of light without being too overwhelming.

Another important thing to consider when choosing bedroom lighting is your bedside table lamps. You want to find lamps that are both functional and stylish.

2. Table lamps are a popular choice for bedroom lighting they look smart and decorative.

There are many reasons why table lamps are a popular choice for bedroom lighting. For one, they provide task lighting, which is perfect for reading or completing other activities in bed. Additionally, table lamps can add some decorative flair to the room, making it look more stylish. Table lamps are also a great way to add light to a dark corner of the bedroom.

If you’re looking for modern bedroom lighting ideas, consider using table lamps. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that perfectly matches your style. Table lamps are also a great way to add some extra light to the room without taking up too much space.

3. Floor lamps can also be used as bedroom lighting, they can be placed anywhere.

Most people think of floor lamps as a source of light for living rooms or dens, but they can also be used in bedrooms. Bedroom floor lamps can be a great way to add additional light to the room. Additionally, they can be placed in corners or against walls to provide additional light.

There are a variety of different types of bedroom floor lamps available, so you can find one that will fit your style and needs. LED floor lamps are becoming increasingly popular because they are energy-efficient and provide a lot of light. If you are looking for a more traditional look, there are also many beautiful antique floor lamps available.

No matter what type of bedroom floor lamp you choose, it is sure to add personality and style to the room. So if you are looking for a way to brighten up your bedroom without sacrificing style, consider using a floor lamp.

4. Chandeliers are another option for bedroom lighting and a symbol of elegance.

Chandeliers are often seen in formal dining rooms or living rooms, but they can also be used in bedrooms. A chandelier can add a touch of elegance to the room and is a great option for those who want something different from a standard light fixture. There are many different styles of chandeliers, so you can find one that will fit the look of your bedroom.

Chandeliers come in a variety of sizes, so you need to measure the space where you want to install it before you buy one. Make sure to consider the height of the ceiling and how much space you want between the chandelier and the floor.

If you have a small bedroom, a mini chandelier may be a better option than a large one. A mini-chandelier will take up less space and is perfect for those who want something simple and elegant.

5. Wall sconces can be used to light the sides of the bed and other areas.

If you are looking for a way to add light to the sides of your bed, wall sconces can be a great option. They can also be used to illuminate other areas of the room, such as the vanity or reading chair. There are many different styles of wall sconces available, so you can find one that will match the look of your bedroom.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing wall sconces is their placement. You want to make sure that they are placed in a spot where they will provide light but not block the view. Additionally, you will need to consider the wattage of the sconces to make sure they are providing enough light.

6. Track lighting to illuminate large areas like ceilings or walls, and it can be customized.

Track lighting is a great option for illuminating large areas, such as the ceiling or walls. It can be customized to fit your needs and provides a modern look that can enhance any room. By using track lighting, you can direct the light where you need it most and create an inviting atmosphere in your home.


All in all, which lighting idea do you see as generally captivating? Stuck between a couple of plans and not certain what direction to head? That is completely fine. Why not figuring exactly how much space you want to enlighten first, then go with the kind of style you’d like. For instance, assuming that you’re going with a more current look, attempt the engineer look. If you’re going for a moderate current look, attempt the flush lights.

Have you redesigned a room recently and integrated present-day lighting into it? We’d very much want to hear from you! Go ahead and give some understanding of what materials you utilized and what light plans turned out best for you in the remarks.

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