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Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Living Room : 16 Best Lighting Ideas Living Room




Lighting is a particular section of home decor that tends to become overlooked. Sure, it’s viewed as an essential part of the design, but we consider lighting a necessity, other than a need that excites our daydreams such as a velvet-upholstered chair or a work of art that offers an unforgettable experience.

A room’s lighting can impact how everything else in the space looks. Whether it’s adding a touch of drama or simply making things more comfortable, good lighting is essential in any home. Here are some ideas for using light to create a cozy, welcoming living room:

  • Use natural light to illuminate your space. This is the most common type of light and will give your furniture and walls a warm and inviting glow. Simply open up your windows when possible to allow in plenty of natural light!
  • Use lamps strategically to add illumination where you need it most. Place a couple of lamps on either side of a sofa or near an art piece for a warm, inviting feel.
  • Add candles or chandeliers to set the mood.

How to plan living room lighting?

Lighting Ideas Living Room

Living room lighting ideas that incorporate single illumination alone aren’t sufficient, and it is also advisable to think about wall and ceiling lights, tabletop, and floor lamps, in addition to other types of illumination. However small the space might be, don’t forget to create layers of illumination to make sure a compact living room is well lit.

When designing a living room, it is important to consider the type of lighting that will be used. Generally, there are three types of lighting that can be used in a living room: indirect lighting, artificial light, and natural light. In indirect lighting, light is spread out from a source such as a lamp or a window and casts an ambient glow onto objects in the room. Artificial light is often used to brighten up a room and make it more inviting. Natural light is the best type of lighting because it has many different colors and produces a warm feeling.

To create the perfect living room lighting scheme, you need to first decide what type of lighting you want to use. Indirect light can be used with lamps or candles while artificial light can be used with overhead lights or floor lamps.

Looking for the perfect lighting ideas for your living room? Check out these 17 best 17  Best Lighting Ideas Living Room! From soft light to dramatic illumination, these solutions will give your space the look you’re looking for.

  • Living Room With Logical Lighting
  • Warm Wall Lights
  • Traditional family room lighting
  • Mid-Century Modern Design
  • Ceiling Lights For Living Room
  • Led Light For Living Room
  • Define the work as art
  • Hanging Light
  • Gallery Wall Living Light
  • Metallic Pendant
  • Living Room Table Light
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Cool and Down
  • Modern Mix
  • Illuminate Dark
  • Moon Lighting


Living Room With Logical Lighting

Interesting shapes can lend a modern living room much of its visual appeal, so be sure to stick to them. Arc floor lights, with their tall and fashionable silhouettes, are often a great stand-in for the overhead light.

Warm Wall Lights

Lighting Ideas Living Room

If you live in the northern hemisphere, your living room is likely facing the coldest wall of your home. This means that light from televisions and other devices can fall short of reaching the furthest corners of the room. A good solution is to install warm wall lights. These fixtures provide even illumination throughout the room, making it easier to see in the darkest corners and providing a cozy glow. There are a number of different types of warm wall lights to choose from, so find one that fits your needs and style. For example, some models have adjustable arms that make it easy to position them where you want them. Others come with built-in reflectors, so they will adjust their brightness according to the light source around them.

Traditional family room lighting

Decorating your traditional family room with decorative lighting can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space. Some popular styles include chandeliers, pendants, and sconces. If you prefer a more traditional look, consider choosing something more decorative than LED or CFL lighting. This will help to set the tone for the room and make it feel more like a home rather than a commercial space.

Mid-Century Modern Design

Lighting Ideas Living Room

If you’re looking for living room lighting ideas that are going to make a statement, Mid-Century Modern Design might be the style for you. These designs emphasize curvy lines and simple shapes, which gives your space an organic feel. You can choose from traditional lamp styles or go with more unique pieces like chandeliers or wall lamps. Whether you want to revive an old room or create a fresh look for your home, these lighting ideas will have you inspired!

Ceiling Lights For Living Room

Lighting Ideas Living Room

Ceiling lights come in various types, shapes, and sizes. The most popular are pendant lights which hang from the ceiling, creating a striking focal point. Key features to look for when choosing a ceiling light include:

  • The type of bulb(s) that will be used – these come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, halogens, or LEDs.
  • The length of the cord – will determine how far the light can be from the outlet.
  • Whether the light is wireless or has a cord – some users prefer wired options as they feel more secure.
  • Whether there is an option to change the shade – this can add interesting detail to a room.

Led Light For Living Room

Lighting Ideas Living Room

LED lighting facilities are becoming more and more popular, with numerous tasteful varieties to help you select from. They are also a better choice for the environment, with a longer lifespan.

Define the work as art

Lighting Ideas Living Room
Art is often associated with the unconventional and the unusual. It can be difficult for some people to associate art with something as mundane as a light source. Perhaps this is why so many lamps are designed only to function, without any form or aesthetic appeal. But there is no need to settle for form or function alone- you can get both by opting for a lamp that looks more like a piece of art than a light source.

When it comes to choosing a lamp, one of the most important factors to consider is the lighting style that you want to achieve. If you want a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, choose an incandescent light bulb that emits warm tones. If you want to create an air of mystery and intrigue, go for a blacklight lamp or LED bulb that emits eerie blue and green hues.

Hanging Light

Lighting Ideas Living Room

A low-hanging pendant light can be a great way to add a touch of brightness to a room, and it’s even more effective when it dangles over a table. Whether your ceilings are high or low, you can use this simple light fixture to create an elegant ambiance. Just make sure that the light is mounted securely so that it doesn’t droop or bang against the ceiling.

Gallery Wall Living Light

Lighting Ideas Living Room

This living room lighting idea is really quirky and different from the traditional gallery wall. All you need is a few interesting wall lights to make it look amazing! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Decorate with fluorescent light bulbs that are bright but not too harsh. This will give the room a soft, ethereal feel.
  • Choose light fixtures in cool colors like blues or greens. They’ll help to set off the bright prints on your walls and create an eye-catching contrast.
  • For something even more unique, try hanging brass or copper light fixtures in your space. They’ll add a touch of refinement and luxury to the space.
  • Keep your focal point simple by choosing a single large light fixture that casts a wide light across the entire wall. This will allow all of your print choices to pop even more!

Metallic Pendant

Metallic pendants are great for illuminating dark living rooms and creating an inviting ambiance. They provide a subtle source of ambient light and decorative style and are perfect when it comes to the quantity of overhead lighting.

Living Room Table Light

Living room table lamps offer ambient light to help you wind down an evening. This type of light is perfect for reading or relaxing in a quiet environment. Table lamps also come in a variety of shapes and styles, so you can find the perfect one for your home.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting Ideas Living Room

The next step to adding ambient lighting is to determine your task and accent downlighting. It can be done in a number of ways.
Tips to Set up General Ambient Lighting to Fill the Gaps Set the Mood If there are any open areas in the place you’ve created, you can put in a light or a set of lamps to add ambient lighting to your space.

Cool and Down

Lighting Ideas Living Room

Place one between you, a flat surface, and your home’s climate to get an ideal ceiling-fan and lamp setup that will efficiently craft an ideal ambiance. The space-saving, sleek ceiling fans of old were way too loud, but now cutting-edge ones quietly cool down your space just as effectively.

Modern Mixing

Lighting Ideas Living Room

Your living room’s lighting can match that of your dining room, giving both areas a cohesive appearance. However, in addition to creating a uniform space, it’s crucial to create distinct zones. When shopping for pendants, chandeliers, table lamps, and floor lamps, consider decorative pieces featuring different functions and hues. Creating a unified look in the room is an important goal.

Task Lighting

Lighting Ideas Living Room

This lamp lights up the place you need to perform an activity, whether it s reading, working, or cooking. In a living room, this type of lighting commonly includes table lamps, uplighters, swing-arm lamps, and flexible wall lamps that are adjustable. Task lighting should be easily adjustable, as these Anglepoise examples demonstrate.

Moon Lighting

Lighting Ideas Living Room

Moonlighting is casting a shadow on certain items. As well as providing the setting and feeling, accent lighting highlights certain aspects of the setting. Lighting associations are used to draw focus from less attractive elements, highlight elements of architecture, and contribute to the mood.

Lighting by living room size

When shopping for a new light fixture, it’s important to consider your living room’s size and layout. For example, if your living room is smaller in width and length than average, a smaller light fixture will be more efficient. Conversely, if your living room is larger than average, you may want to consider a bigger light fixture to accommodate the space. Keep in mind that the lighting fixtures you choose should complement your décor, not clash with it.

Here are some other things to keep in mind when choosing to light for your home:

  • Lighting should be evenly distributed throughout the room, not concentrated in one area. This will create a more comfortable and inviting atmosphere.
  • Choose fixtures with dimmer switches so you can adjust the brightness of the light as needed.

Small Living Room Idea

  • For confined spaces, check into floor lamps with an upward-and-down design and a smaller base.
  • Carefully position each corner of the room with special lights.
  • Use lights that have a weightier appearance since these might make the space look smaller. Tripod table lamps or slim stem designs are ideal, expanding the space.
  • Use vertical light as they take up less space.

Large Living Room Idea

  • A spacious area gives you the perfect chance to display a showpiece chandelier above your coffee table.
  • If you have high ceilings, consider tall living room lamps to show off the space. Arc floor lamps are a common choice.
  • Naturally, a sizeable room will require a lot more lighting for illumination. A single overhead light may not be sufficient; experiment with multiple ceiling lights instead. Essentially, it’s smart to go with simplistic designs and hang them on a power grid as opposed to randomly throughout the roof.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, living rooms can be transformed with a few simple changes to the lighting. Here are 17 best lighting ideas that will help you achieve the look you want in your space. Whether you’re looking for a simplistic atmosphere or something more dramatic, these ideas will have you covered. Choose one or multiple to implement into your room and watch the transformation take place!

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