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How to wire a lamp in best way in 5 minutes!




Today our topic is about how to wire a lamp. If your existing lamp is going haywire or if you’re building a completely new one, you may want to consider hooking up the cords. You might want to pick up a new cord and plug to get things up and running, either by building a new lamp from scratch or separating the parts from an old lamp. You might begin by disassembling an old lamp or building a new one from scratch. You don’t need any help from experts if you follow us attentively. Read the full article to know how to wire a lamp easily.

How to wire a Lamp

Safety Measures

Before you start to know how to wire a lamp Make sure it’s unplugged before working on the lamp. But, before testing the lamp, the lamp must be completely reassembled.

Get a Lamp kit

How to wire a lamp

Your first step is to buy a make-a-lamp kit. They can be found at large home improvement stores, such as Walmart or Amazon, and features different brands. You can buy the pieces independently lamp kits can be purchased at your local home center or crafts store.

Most lamp kits include:

  • Minimum 8-foot cord length, especially for floor lamps.
  • 18-gauge wire
  • The end of the wire has a plug moulded to it.
  • The pilates harp fits into the socket and replaces the lampshade. 
  • Socket with a wattage rating of 660 and voltage rating of 250.
  • Base lamp socket compatible with 150 watts maximum.

Before You Start

Clear off an area for a wiring project on a table or desk. Use a bright lamp to ensure the project is visible. Tie the towels around a lamp to protect the lamp and protect the surface of the table. Keep tools accessible near the lamp for convenience.

What Equipment/Tools you’ll need? 

There is plenty of tools you’ll need while wiring a lamp, those are:

How to wire a Lamp

  • Wire stripper
  • Utility knife
  • Pliers
  • Clean towels
  • Screwdrivers
  • Materials
  • lamp rewiring kit
  • Electrical tape
  • Glue (if needed)

Steps on How to Wire a Lamp

How to wire a lamp

Follow these steps to get an idea about how to wire a lamp: 

Step 1: Unplug the lamp and remove the lightbulb from the lamp. Remove its finial from the top by hand, counterclockwise, to lift off the lampshade.

Step 2: The harp is the metal support upholding the light bulb that holds the lampshade. Carefully push the bulb ends together while pulling out straight upward to remove the harp.

Step 3: Many lamps have a base at the bottom designed to protect surfaces and tables. Frequently, this base is felt-lined cardboard and it is common with vintage lamps. Carefully lift the base of the lamp and then remove it.

Step 4: Loosen the screw next to the socket (at the top of the lamp) with a plier. Loosen the screw with the screwdriver. Remove the screw. Unscrew the socket counterclockwise but leave it in place.

Step 5: At the bottom of the lamp, use the cutting section of the wire stripper to cut off the electrical cord, leaving about 2 inches of extra wire. Holding the socket, pull the socket and attached wire out.

Step 6: Use the screwdriver to flip open the outer socket shell and gain access to the inner socket. Remove the socket shell from the socket.

Step 7: Pull the New Wire through the lamp’s center stub, leading with the exposed end of the cable. Secure the cables by attaching them to the Underwriter’s knot.

Step 8: Strip the wires if the connector protection is not exposed. Attach the exposed wires to the sockets on the new connector. Screw the wires into the socket terminals with the screwdriver.

Step 9: Reassemble the socket and lamp Reassemble the socket shell onto the socket. Screw the socket onto the lamp. Pull excess cord out of the bottom portion of the lamp. Replace the harp, then replace the protective base at the bottom of the lamp. You may need to glue the protective base to the bottom of the lamp.


In conclusion, as you know how to wire a lamp. wiring a lamp is a relatively simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes. By following the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to wire your lamp with ease.

About Liuyanglamps

About Liuyanglamps

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