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How to Fix a Broken Floor Lamp That Doesn’t Work?




Are you one of those who have a floor lamp? Have you placed a floor lamp in a room to add light? There could be numerous reasons for buying a floor lamp. Some people believe it is an elegant piece of decoration. In contrast, many others use it to brighten their room.

People who have been using a floor lamp for a long time know that the lamp could be broken. In this article, we’ll share great ideas on how to fix a broken floor lamp. We’ll dive into the step-by-step guide to fix a broken lamp that would help you in the long run. So, get ready to know everything about a broken lamp.

How Do You Fix a Broken Floor Lamp That Doesn’t Work?

What Are the Possible Reasons for Broken Floor Lamp?

If you are using a floor lamp from a long time, it could be broken for many reasons. Your floor lamp could be damaged when moved from one specific position multiple times. The floor lamp could be broken due to an unstable base. Some people find that base has completed its life expectancy. Due to this reason, the bottom of a floor lamp is broken.

If the mechanical connection of your lamp is not working correctly, it can damage your lamp. At the same time, poor socket connection can cause the light bulb of your lamp to flicker. This loose socket can hurt your floor lamp in the long run.

Guide to Fix a Broken Floor Lamp

You don’t need to worry about which steps should be followed. As fixing a broken lamp involves simple and easy steps.

Ways to Fix an Unstable Lamp

  1. Initially, you’ll start by examining your floor lamp. It will help you to identify the cause of the wobbly floor lamp. If the base is unstable, it will help you determine the primary reason for its wobbliness. Check if the base is properly connected to the rod of lamp. You also need to check the condition of the base. Old and temporary base can also lead to tipping over of a lamp.
  2. Don’t forget to unplug the lamp from a switch and allow it to cool down.
  3. Place a soft piece of cloth or pillow on the floor. Lean down the lamp on it and remove its shade if it is not correctly balanced. Do check whether the bulb is appropriately placed in its holder.
  4. You need to check that all the parts are adequately firm in their place. Then, see if any screw is dislocated. Tighten all nuts and screws.
  5. Finally, tighten the lamp’s base to bring it back to its stable position.

Ways to Fix a Loose Socket

The loose socket can be a cause of multiple problems for your lamp. Some people find it hard to turn on their lamps. All you need is to replace your socket with a new one. You can find a new socket from any hardware shop easily. With a new socket, you’ll save your lamp from a lot of damage.

How to Keep Floor Lamp Safe from Any Damage?

  1. Do you want to keep your lamp safe from any damage? You need to focus on the position of your lamp. Ensure that it is placed in the right corner, where the lamp adds light and elegance to your room. The lamp should not be damaged due to its placement.
  2. Secondly, keep proper attention on the socket of your lamp. If the socket is loose, change it immediately. By doing this, you’ll save the wiring connection of your lamp.
  3. Thirdly, fix the unstable base of your floor lamp without any delay. An uneven lamp base could be a primary reason for a broken lamp.
  4. If you want to prevent your lamp from falling, use a wax known as museum wax. This wax is super effective and will keep the base of your lamp stable. One incredible benefit of using this wax is that it doesn’t damage the bottom of lamp and flooring of your room.

Benefits of Purchasing High-Quality Floor Lamp:

Floor lamps are highly preferable when we talk about adding style and elegance to homes. Floor lamps add an incredibly classy look to your room. The high-quality floor lamp is a one-time investment with many benefits. Following are the benefits of high-quality floor lamps:

Easy to Move

Floor lamps are the topmost priority of people because their movement is easy. It doesn’t cause any damage to the shade and bulb of your lamp. They last for years as compared to other conventional lamps.


These lamps are exceptionally versatile. They are available in different kinds of sizes and styles. People can choose the one which fulfills their requirements. If you want a tree-style floor lamp, it can be placed beside your sofa.

A branched floor lamp is highly in demand as it provides the best lighting in the kitchen. On the other hand, hat style floor lamp is preferred by readers and workaholics as it gives a target lighting.

Best Source of Saving Energy

Floor lamps are the best source of saving electric power. When a high-quality floor lamp is turned on in any of your rooms, you won’t need to turn on any other bulb. It is the best source of saving your electricity bills.

Light can be Adjusted

Floor lamps allow you to adjust the light according to your need. You need to buy a floor lamp with an adjustable brightness feature.


Fixing a broken floor lamp involve a trouble-free process. You need to identify the primary cause of the damaged floor lamp. Once you recognize the reason, it can be fixed easily. Remember that floor lamps have a long-life expectancy. Moreover, these lamps are far better than any other traditional lamp.

Keeping your floor lamp safe from any damage should be your priority. If your floor lamp is broken, our detailed guide will save you from a lot of hassle.

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