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Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Lights




Indoor lighting refers to every indoor lights fixture that plays a part in illuminating your space. The decorative light sources are also part of indoor lighting as they not only illuminate your indoors but also make them look attractive and stylish. Indoor light sources are usually not dust and waterproof; the main difference between indoor and outdoor lights.

Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Lights

Most people don’t pay attention to indoor lighting when setting up their homes or business places. This was when they did wrong! As indoor lighting is a key factor in catching the attraction of people. Think by yourself, what would you prefer? A restaurant with neutral white light or the one with mesmerizing visual effects. Indeed, the second one!

Factors to Consider When Buying Indoor Lights

Are you designing your indoor lighting? And planning to buy indoor lights? This guide is for you! Here are some of the factors you must keep in mind when purchasing indoor lights.

Cut-Out Size

The first thing to consider is whether the indoor light you buy will fit well in your ceiling hole? Buying the light, either small-sized or oversized, will cause complications. To avoid them, be careful of the size when buying.

Lumen Output

Lumen power is the next important thing. Lumen is the measure of brightness an indoor light fixture produces, and it’s expressed in (lm). Must look for the lumen number above 90 before purchasing any fixture to have ideal brightness output.

Efficiency and Power Factor

Efficiency refers to the rate of light produced on each watt consumption. Look for the product with less watt consumption and more light production, i.e., super-efficient. Power factor (P.F.) tells how efficiently the fixture transforms load current into the Lumen output.

Energy Consumption and Voltage

The device you are planning to purchase must be economical; has less energy consumption. A device with more energy consumption will lead to high electricity bills. Voltage must be considered while buying; the standard voltage in household regions is 110V in the USA.

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)

Color Temperature is basically the quantization of light color. According to the latest research, color temperature affects our body’s hormone system, indirectly influencing our mood. Surprisingly, light with a well-balanced color temperature gives you a comfortable feel.


An indoor light fixture with long life will be a great choice. Must look for the lifetime and then spend money if worthy. A product with a shorter lifetime will need to be replaced shortly, so I prefer choosing LED lights as they have a relatively long lifetime.

I.P. Rating

Ingress Protection (I.P.) measures the indoor light’s ability to work in different environments. An I.P. rating of 20; IP20 is preferred for indoor lighting. The first digit, 2, is the value of protection a light source offers against solid objects, and the second digit, 0, symbolizes protection against liquids.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

Color Rendering Index refers to the capability of light to depict the color of the different objects compared to the ability of natural light. CRI of at least 80% is preferred for having the best results.

Why Should You Invest in Good-Quality Indoor Lights?

If you are wondering; why you should invest in good-quality indoor lights? Here is the answer! Good-quality lights will give you the best output with less energy consumption, eventually saving your money. While spending money on low-quality indoor lights will be a waste because of their high energy consumption and insufficient brightness.

Which indoor light has the best quality and is super-efficient? LED lights are the answer! They are the future of indoor lighting, and most people have already opted for them! Let’s learn about some of their benefits.


LED lights give ideal brightness with less energy consumption. They last longer and are believed to cut short the energy usage by 50%, which is incredible. It is more surprising that LED lights, cheaper light sources, help make Earth green by ensuring clean energy production.


Typical fluorescent bulb burnout due to several reasons. Replacing them with a new one will demand money expenditure. In this world of inflation, people can’t keep spending money on these things. That’s why people look for something that lasts longer. LED lights are the one! They are your long-term partners.

Easy to Install

When buying lights, you must consider; if it’s easy to install? As some fixtures need special equipment for installation, making it complicated. LED lights are much easier to install and rearrange as they don’t need special equipment.

Ensure Safety

Most bulbs contain the chemical; Mercury. If they break due to overheating or any other reason, there is a risk of people being exposed to this harmful chemical. LED lights are free of Mercury and Carbon dioxide, making them safe for use.

Produce Less Heat

Most fluorescent bulbs produce heat, causing your cooling system to overwork for the compensation. This, in turn, causes more energy consumption and high utility bills. Meanwhile, LED lights save money, produce less heat than fluorescent bulbs, and are convenient to use.

Types of Indoor Lights

Indoor lighting has multiple types. For convenience, they have been categorized into two categories; detailed below.

Lighting Design Layers

Lighting design layers are the basic indoor lighting layers that every house has. Therefore, keep in mind these layers while designing your indoor lighting. The three basic lighting design layers are:

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting refers to the general or basic layer of light, making the surroundings visible. Natural light combined with the light of room lights to illuminate your home or only room lights doing so all come under the shade of ambient light sources.

Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Lights

A bulb lighting up your whole room is an ambient light source. It creates a layer of light of either white, off-white, or yellow hues, which you use as base light while playing with the other two types of lighting.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is the second lighting design layer when you get to light up your room. It refers to the light directed to illuminate a specific thing, like the table lamp on your desk to read books conveniently, draw properly, or sew clothes.

Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Lights

The bulb right above your stove to look into the cooking food or the side table lamp of your rooms; all are categorized as task lighting sources. Task lighting fixtures must be focused precisely to work easefully.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is what we call something special; it’s the lighting used for highlighting features or creating beautiful visual effects to leave everyone amazed. Like; using a lamp under a painting to make it look more stunning and draw attention to this masterpiece.

Playing with accent lighting sources is quite fun as they set the mood of your room and add a touch of your uniqueness. It’s like the icing on the cake!

Multiple Types of Indoor Lighting Sources

Lighting fixtures are electric devices or decoration pieces, expelling light coming from the lamps they contain. These lighting sources are usually fixed in the wall or ceiling. That’s why the name is “Lighting Fixtures”.

Let’s have a look at multiple lighting fixture types.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting refers to the light coming from the fixtures embedded in the ceiling, walls, or floor. In this case, the light source is not visible as it is fitted in the ceiling hole. It’s the most common fixture type every indoor lighting designer considers incorporating.

6 Pack 6 Inch LED Recessed Ceiling Light with Night Light

6 Pack 6 Inch LED Recessed Ceiling Light with Night Light

Ultra thin design specifically use for small spaces where height clearance is limited such as beams or ductwork.

Track Lighting

Track lighting fixtures are mounted on the ceiling and point directly downward. They provide great focus and thus, are best for illuminating hallways and room centers. You have to get the electrician’s help to install them and enjoy their artistic feels properly.

DLLT 6-Light Flexible Track Lighting Rail

DLLT 6-Light Flexible Track Lighting Rail

Modern Directional Led Spot Ceiling Light Fixture with Glass Shade, E12 Base for Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Brush Steel

Ceiling Lights

Install ceiling lights indoors to have a perfect combination of light and style! Ceilings light fixtures can be a chandelier, pendants, or low-hanging lights. You can go with the one you like or that matches the idea of your decor. Most people prefer pendants as they give classy vibes.

Dellemade Modern Sputnik Chandelier

Dellemade Modern Sputnik Chandelier

6-Light Ceiling Light for Bedroom,Dining Room,Kitchen,Office (Gold)


Pendants are the decorative light sources that can fit in every house theme. They come in a variety of different designs and colors. If you want a decent yet classy indoor lighting fixture, then you are looking for pendants! They are easy to install and don’t require an electrician’s help.

Untrammelife 1-Light Teardrop Crystal Pendant Light

Untrammelife 1-Light Teardrop Crystal Pendant Light

Mini Globe Ceiling Hanging Light in Gold Brushed Brass Finish 8W Dimmable Led Hanging Light for Kitchen Island Bathroom Bedroom Bar

Wall Lighting

Wall lightings extend from your wall and are excellent illuminators for side tables and hallways. The most famous wall lighting sources are Wall lamps. A wall lamp is a great decorative addition if it best fits your indoor theme. Plug-in wall lamps are easier to install than typical ones that need to be installed by an electrician.

Black Wall Sconces, 2PACK Farmhouse Wall Sconces

Black Wall Sconces, 2PACK Farmhouse Wall Sconces

Industrial Wall Light Sconces, E26 Gooseneck Wall Sconces, Vintage Wall Mount Light Fixture, Modern Wall Light for Bedroom Bathroom Hallway

Floor Lamps

Are you looking for something for your room corner? The floor lamp is the best fit! They come in different designs and colors, and if you are looking for something unique, Liuyang RGBIC Smart Floor Lamp from Liuyang Company is for you! Its smart control and RGBIC effects make it a fantastic product!

Liuyang RGBIC Smart Floor Lamp

Liuyang RGBIC Smart Floor Lamp

$139.99 $89.99

A floor lamp that brings vitality to your life; Decorate your room with 16 million colors by the lamp; Makes your party wonderful with the music rhythm mode; Fall asleep with you by your side.


LED lights come in different models; we have LED bulbs, strips, etc. They are known to be the best substitute for typical fluorescent bulbs. Being energy-efficient and long-lasting even when used for many hours is the feature that makes them prior of all!

Laser Lights

Laser fixtures contain an electrical filament that generates light. Laser light does not diffract light in all directions; instead, it focuses on a point and doesn’t compromise on brightness even over long distances. It travels in a narrow path, making it much easier to diffract one beam into several small beams.

Portable Lighting

Portable fixtures give you the privilege to carry them anywhere to other rooms, offices, etc. Just plug them in the USB port or any indoor outlet and enjoy the amazing visual effects they create. Portable lighting fixtures are usually lightweight to be carried conveniently.

sunzone Portable LED Work Light, COB Flood Lights

sunzone Portable LED Work Light, COB Flood Lights

Job Site Lighting, Super Bright Waterproof for Outdoor Camping Hiking Car Repairing Fishing Workshop Battery Included with Emergency SOS Model

Star Lighting

Star lighting brings a wonderful view of sparkling stars all over your space. Enjoy the amazing view just like the sky from the open fields with no street lights would look like. Liuyang RGBIC Smart Light Bulbs are best for creating starry sky effects in your indoors.

Liuyang RGBIC Smart Light Bulbs

Liuyang RGBIC Smart Light Bulbs

$59.99 $39.99

Smart LED Light Bulb with Rotatable Star Projection, Voice Control RGBIC LED Bulb Compatible with Alexa & Google, Standard E26 12W 16ML Color Changing WiFi RGB Light Bulb (Gold)

Galaxy Projectors

Project the whole galaxy in your indoors to have a relaxing feel. Just lay in your bed or sofa and enjoy the wonderful galaxy visuals. Go with Liuyang Smart Galaxy Projector to bring the beauty of space to your indoors! This amazing product is portable and has adjustable brightness.

Liuyang Smart Galaxy Projector

Liuyang Smart Galaxy Projector

$89.99 $69.99

The Liuyang Smart Galaxy Projector is a device that projects images of stars and galaxies onto a wall or other surface.

Effects of Color Temperature on Room

Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is the computation of light’s color appearance. Light is measured in Kelvin (K). Yellowish light has lower numbers on the Kelvin scale, and white or bluish lights occupy the higher numbers on the scale. Considering color temperature when designing indoor lighting is vital. Let’s get to know why?

Different temperature lights impose other impacts on you. Let’s learn more about it while discussing the three types of lights.

Warm Light

Warmer lights have a low Kelvin scale number and are set at the bottom of the scale. When lighting your bedrooms or living rooms, you must opt for warmer lights as they emit warm and cozy vibes.

Neutral Light

Neutral or natural light is white light occupying a central position in the Kelvin scale. It is best for focusing and must be used in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and stores.

Cool Light

Cool Lights are symbolized by larger numbers on the Kelvin scale and crown the scale being on the top. They are bright bluish or white, and best for use in areas where you need extra focus, like reading, projects, etc.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let lights and bulbs impose a full stop to your indoor lighting. Play with different light fixtures to enjoy mesmerizing visuals and an artistic feel. Make your indoor spaces attractive and unique with the proper indoor lighting design. You must be surprised to see how only adding a few additional lights will change the entire look of your indoor space.

About Liuyanglamps

About Liuyanglamps

LIUYANG focuse on the design, development, manufacture, sales and service of Custom LED Neon Signs and smart lighting products. We take it as our mission to create lighting products that color people’s lives, and share the joy that smart lighting brings to life.



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