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How to Choose the Best Colored Lights for Your Room?




Revamp your room using colored lights to spark liveliness in it. Let’s dive into the world of colored lighting to get to know everything about them.

Are you setting up your room? If yes, then you must pay special attention to its lighting instead of overlooking it and using only LED bulbs and lights, as lighting has the power to influence one’s mood and productivity immensely. Colored lights will help you bring a lively and welcoming feel to your room.

Have you ever considered adding colored lights to your room? If not, then you must give it a thought as it’s the best way to add charm to your room and modernize it. It must be surprising for you that how only adding color light can change the entire environment and mood of your room.

colored lights

Out of the seven colors of light and all the other colors resulting from their combination, you can choose any to revamp your room. However, while choosing one, you must first investigate how it can influence your behavior, mood, and productivity?

This article covers everything you should know about colored lights, their effects, and selecting the best colored light. Let’s explore the incredibly amazing world of colored lights!

Colored Lights and Their Effects On Your Room

Colored lights enable you to style your room uniquely. They are the best and cheapest way to bring a dull and boring room to life. Out of the seven basic light colors and any color resulting from their combination, you can select any for your space. However, the most preferred light colors are red, yellow, white, blue, and green.

Lighting holds great power to influence your mood. That’s why, while selecting a colored light for your room, you must investigate its impact on your physical and physiological behaviors. The section below will explore the effects of using different light colors in rooms.

Red Light

If you are wondering why to use the red light in your room? Here is your answer! Red light is believed to enhance our mood with its calming vibes. The relation between its shorter wavelength and the human body’s insensitivity towards this light makes it a relaxing light color for your room.

You can use red star ceiling lights to create a reddish hue in your room with the glittering stars roaming around; that is excellent for pleasing your eyes and comforting your soul.

Yellow Light

Studies have shown that yellow light exposure has greater power to indulge people in vigorous activity than red and blue lights. Most psychologists believe this light to be more stimulating. It creates a pleasant hue similar to the one created by sunlight and is a leading source of ambient lighting.

It is because of the reason detailed earlier; that we find yellow light everywhere, dominating the interior lighting of indoor and outdoor spaces.

White Light

Let’s answer the query, how does using white light in your room affect you? White light can affect you the same way as a yellow light, increasing your productivity and encouraging you to work. However, it does have worse impacts. Let’s discover them!

Exposure to white light at night can cause a lack of sleep due to the troubling effects of this light on the human brain. However, avoiding its exposure at night would be best to enjoy proper sleep.

Blue Light

According to research, using blue light in your room can help you perform different tasks conveniently with proper focus and attention. It’s best known for sparking alertness and keeping you fresh and active. You can use a galaxy projector to create a blue hue in your room in a unique way.

Are you facing insomnia? Exposure to blue light can aid you in relieving stress, eventually relaxing you and helping you fall asleep easily.

Green Light

Green light is mostly used in hospitals and clinics. It is the best-known light color that helps keep calm and relaxes tensed hospital patients. However, you can’t limit its use to these places. We can also use this light in our rooms to best utilize its ability to spark pleasant emotions.

Can green light influence your room’s mood? Yes! Green light, with its incredible features, can enhance your room’s mood, making it more welcoming and relaxing.

Why Should You Use Different Colored Lights in Your Room?

If you are wondering, why use different colored lights in your room? Here is the information you need to answer the question. While the studies have shown how lighting affects our lives, they have also addressed how using different colored lighting for your space can impact your behaviors. Let’s explore more about it!

How Colored Lights Impact Our Mood?

Different light colors have various effects on your physical and physiological behaviors. It must be surprising to know that several studies and many psychologists believe in the power of different light colors to relax you or make you feel tired or bored.

colored lights

For instance, exposure to white light at night can spark insomnia. In comparison, the same light color during the day will help you perform different tasks with proper focus. Let’s now talk about the factors you should consider to purchase the best colored light for your space.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Colored Lights for Your Room

When buying a colored light for your room, you must be careful as lighting can significantly influence your routine life and productivity. Here are some factors you must consider when buying colored lights for your room. These will help you design your bedroom’s lighting in the best way.

Define Proper Focal Points

Create an appropriate lighting focal point using an overhead light source fitted with the bulb. You can also get the desired focal point for your overhead light by accompanying it with a suitable lamp shade. The focal points of your lighting must be carefully defined to design the best colored lighting for your room perfectly.

colored lights

Pair Up Lamps with Accent Lighting

You can get a colored accent light that pairs best with the overhead light; to take your room’s lighting to the next level. You can use accent lighting sources such as lamps of any type, i.e., table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc., to create a pleasant colored hue.

Match Your Color Temperature and Color Scheme

The color light you plan to buy for your room must match your room’s color temperature and color scheme. For instance, if your room’s theme features dark colors, use a blue light with less visibility. In contrast, if the theme features light colors, you must select a red light with clear visibility to light up your room.

colored lights

Choose an Accent Color for Your Accent Wall

Choosing the right color for lighting up your room will change the entire environment and enhance its mood. You must use an accent colored light to illuminate your room’s accent wall, ensuring well-balanced lighting. It will allow you to keep the rest of the walls neutral and increase visibility.

Effects of Colored Lights on Your Physical and Physiological Behaviors

Before buying a colored light, you must investigate its effects on your physical and physiological behaviors. For instance, using blue light in your rooms at night will relax you, helping you fall asleep easily. On the other hand, you need white or yellow light to ensure proper visibility and focus required for performing different tasks.

Different Ways to Add Colors to Your Room?

Bring lively change to your room by adding colors to it with the colored light sources. Here are some of the colored light sources you must consider if you want to add colors to your room.

Use Color Changing Bulbs

Color changing bulbs are light fixtures that can change colors. These light sources grant you the privilege to customize the light color output. Choose a color from the list of available ones that best fits your and your room’s mood. It would be best if you explore about effects of different colors of light to make the best selection for your space.

Consider the theme, color scheme, and color temperature of your room to choose the best colored light to spark liveliness to your space. Most color-changing bulbs enable you to switch between any color of the rainbow or the colors resulting from their combination.

Use Galaxy Projector

Imagine laying in your bed all tired and frustrated of the entire day’s work and getting struck by the mesmerizing galaxy view with sparkling stars wandering around. Isn’t it dreamy? With the galaxy projectors, it’s now possible to bring the milky way galaxies to your room and enjoy watching them.

Liuyang company provides the best colored light galaxy projector. i.e., Liuyang Smart Galaxy Projector. This projector is ultra-durable and has a built-in cooling system and noise reduction technology. This fantastic projector with its amazing features is all that you need to please your eyes with the beautiful galaxy views.

Liuyang Smart Galaxy Projector

Liuyang Smart Galaxy Projector

$89.99 $69.99

The Liuyang Smart Galaxy Projector is a device that projects images of stars and galaxies onto a wall or other surface.

Use Portable Lights

Portable lights are colored lights that you can carry with you to entertain yourself with their beautiful effects everywhere you go, to another room, or on your vacations abroad. Designers make sure to design the body of this product in a way that eases their installation process.

Place them where you want, plug them, and enjoy! Power them up by plugging them into the mobile charger, laptops, or any ordinary socket. These lights usually have compact bodies to ensure they can fit in small spaces. The Liuyang Galaxy Light Projector mentioned above is also a portable colored light source.

Use Floor Lamps

These lamps are the best choice if you want a decent yet chic, colored light addition to your room. Place them anywhere in your space and enjoy their wonderful colored hues; they spread around. Are you looking for the best floor lamps for your room? Let’s get to know about them.

Liuyang RGBIC Smart Floor Lamps are indeed the best ones of their type in the market. One of its amazing features allows you to set the on and off timing for the device, and it will automatically switch on and off according to it. Other unique features include; smart control, RGBIC effects, wider application, availability of 16 million color options, etc.

Liuyang RGBIC Smart Floor Lamp

Liuyang RGBIC Smart Floor Lamp

$139.99 $89.99

A floor lamp that brings vitality to your life; Decorate your room with 16 million colors by the lamp; Makes your party wonderful with the music rhythm mode; Fall asleep with you by your side.

Use Aurora Lights

Typically, aurora means and aurora lights are light sources that can bring the northern night skies to your room. Choose these lights if you want to spread mesmerizing blue hues all over your space to revive its liveliness. These hues will please your eyes and relax you with their comforting vibes.

With these lights, you can enjoy the wonderful night scenes straight from the areas abroad to your rooms. Isn’t that amazing? You now don’t need to travel to the other extreme of the world to entertain yourself with the nighttime light show of nature.

Use Star Lights

Isn’t it dreamy? To lay in the bed and get mesmerized by the beautiful starry night sky visual displayed on your ceiling. It must be! With the star lights, you can create incredible views, spicing up the environment of your space. The beautiful visuals of these lights give you calming and relaxing feel.

If you are looking for the best starlight for your space, Liuyang RGBIC Smart Light Bulbs are there for you! You can smartly control these bulbs using Google Assistant, Alexa, or the mobile app. Other features cover; adjustable brightness control, music syncing, rotatable stars, and timing control.

Liuyang RGBIC Smart Light Bulbs

Liuyang RGBIC Smart Light Bulbs

$59.99 $39.99

Smart LED Light Bulb with Rotatable Star Projection, Voice Control RGBIC LED Bulb Compatible with Alexa & Google, Standard E26 12W 16ML Color Changing WiFi RGB Light Bulb (Gold)

Concluding Thoughts

With colored lights, it’s now easy to revive your room’s liveliness and enhance its mood. You can also improve your productivity and focus by treating yourself with their beautiful visuals. Different colored lights have imposed different impacts on our body depending on the wavelength of colored light and our body’s sensitivity.

Make your room utterly beautiful using the best colored lights, as detailed in the article. This article contains everything you must know about colored lights and their effect. Read it carefully to make the best selection of colored lights for your room.

About Liuyanglamps

About Liuyanglamps

LIUYANG focuse on the design, development, manufacture, sales and service of Custom LED Neon Signs and smart lighting products. We take it as our mission to create lighting products that color people’s lives, and share the joy that smart lighting brings to life.



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